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South Fayette Men's Over 35 Softball League

SF League Rules 2019

2019 League Rules


To be eligible for play in this league you must be a current resident of South Fayette, SF High School Graduate, or a former player in this league that moved to a different district. Eligible birth date is 35 as of December 31st 2019.

This league was formed with friendly competition in mind. It is designed for the enjoyment of the participants, to promote activity and to provide a social atmosphere for players and their families. Emphasis will not be placed on competition to an extent that these goals are compromised. 

In general, regular ASA softball rules apply. Some additional rules that have been adopted and agreed upon by the team captains are outlined below:

  1. Hitting any part of Home Plate and the mat is considered a strike.


  2. Batter starts off on a 0-0 count.  Batter gets any combination of three strikes. Foul ball after the 2nd strike is considered an out.


  3. A player leaving a base on a swing and miss is out.


  4. The grassy areas beyond the 1st and 3rd base fences are IN-PLAY. Fly balls caught in these areas will be an OUT and base runners MAY advance on a tag. (Areas behind the fence & asphalt areas are still out of play). 


  5. Teams must have nine players to start a game or forfeit. If a team has five players, they can pull 4 subs from other teams to make their 9 (penalty of (1) run per substitute player; if the team has less than five players, the game is forfeited). All players can play anywhere on the field. All subs must bat last in the batting order. A team that has nine CAN pull a sub to make ten, but this will cost two runs.  Examples; A team can play with minimum of five players as long as they pull enough subs to equal nine players. The penalty will be ONE run per sub; if a tenth player is to be added, then the penalty will be TWO runs for that additional sub. If Team Green has 5 players and pull 4 subs, the white team will have a 4-0 lead going into the start of the game.  If team green wants to add a tenth player, then the white team will have a 6-0 lead going into the start of the game.  If team green needs 3 players to make 9 and team white needs 1 player to make 9, team white team will have a 2-0 lead at the start of the game. Once a team had been award the substitution run and a regular player shows up and takes the place of the sub, the run will stand as long as the sub has a minimum of one at bat. The roster player will bat last on the original batting order. The sub will not play once a roster player enters the game, but the penalty run will stand.


  6. A team with only 9 players will field 3 outfielders and play shorthanded. There is no penalty in the batting order.   In the case of an injury or any other reason a player has to leave that has started with nine, you will have to complete the game with eight.  A catcher will be supplied for you. That catcher can make all defensive plays but will not bat. There will not be an out penalty when the injured player is due up or a run penalty for the game.


  7. Games are scheduled for 9 innings. You can play more than 9-innings in the case of a tie as long as you don’t exceed your 10 minute warning inning.  This includes ties. Game times are 6:30, 8:00 and 9:30. Games will not start an inning after 10 minutes before the next game starts.  If the 6:30 game starts after 6:30 that game cannot start an inning after 7:50. The 8:00 game cannot start an inning after 9:20 (No matter what time it started).


  8. Speed up the Game Rule- Once a game starts, we will not take infield or outfield ball. As long as the pitcher is out on the mound before his team is on the field, he can take up to 3 practice pitches.


  9. Grace Period for 6:30 game only and Player Substitution Rules - there will only be a 15 minute grace period for the 6:30 game and there will be no Grace Period for the 8:00 and 9:30 PM games. Please make a reference if the grace period is used but the game is still expected to be completed by 8:00 PM or the game will be shortened.


  10. MERCY RULE- : 9 Inning Games: 15 runs after 7 innings. 7 Inning Games: 15 runs after 5 innings. The team that is ahead has the option to forfeit their offensive inning to make the game go faster. The team forfeiting their AT BAT we be charged with 3 outs and the outs cannot be made up if the game gets closer. Teams forfeiting their outs will keep the same batting order in the case they return to offense. The players that were do-up in the forfeited inning will be up if the offense bats again. (example player 3-4-5 was due up, they will bat the next time the team bats, if at all).


  11. Base runners- may not leave their feet to avoid a tag and must attempt to avoid contact with fielders. Players that leave their feet to avoid a tag or use excessive force (umpire’s judgment) will be called OUT.


  12. Judgment calls- (ball/strike, fair/foul, safe/out) are final! If an umpire makes an incorrect interpretation of the rules then the team captains should consult these rules and work it out. Team captains-- control your players!


  13. Player’s defensive limits - Every player should play at least 4 innings (of a 9 inning game) in the field unless injured.


  14. Batters using Pinch Runners - Once you take a pinch runner, the batter that used the pinch runner is limited to a single or any ground rule advancement such as ; ground rule home run, ground rule double, or DEAD BALL overthrows the rest of that game.


  15. Pinch Runners- You will be able to use each person on your team once an inning as a pinch runner.


  16. Infield fly rule is in effect. Here is the correct interpretation of the rule:
    An infield fly can only be called with runners on 1st and 2nd or the bases loaded and less than 2 outs.


  17. Bat Rules


    1. Our League follows “ASA slow pitch softball rules”. All bats used for play in the South Fayette Men’s Softball League need to be Official Softball Bats certified by the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) and be marked accordingly with a BPF (Bat Performance Factor) 1.21 or less (ISF stamp).  Bats must have their original paint markings for complete identification (the bat cannot be repainted). The following attached sheet lists all the bats deemed illegal for play the ASA, even though they have ASA certification marked in the bats. These bats are typically older model bats and do not meet the current safety standards of the ASA. These bats are not permitted for use in the South Fayette Men’s Softball League (see list on league website).

    2. Bat Altering – any player caught bringing a shaved or altered ASA bat will receive a lifetime ban in the league. There is no room in our league for someone to come in here with a shaved or “Homerun Derby Bat”. If someone’s end cap comes off the captains are obligated to check the bat in question to see if it is shaved. (see attachment on altered bats).


  18. All captains are required to enforce compliance by checking their own team’s bats prior to the start of each game

19)  Positions on the Field

  1. All outfielders must be on the grass when a batter hits a pitch.

  2. During the regular season, any outfielder cannot throw directly to first base on a hit by a batter that lands on the outfield grass. The outfielder can also not throw the ball to an infielder who than in turn throws the runner out at first base.  Once the ball breaks the plane of the infield, even if being fielded by an infielder, then the runner cannot be thrown out.  This rule is revoked during Playoffs.

  3. There will be a line drawn at the pitcher’s mound from which all pitchers need to pitch behind (50’ from home plate?).


  1. Captains are responsible for the conduct of their players at the field. In order to keep this under control, all Captains should advise their players that failure to follow the rules of good sportsmanship will result in their being removed from the game and possibly suspended from future games. If both Captains miss a game, than those Captains shall designate alternate Captains and inform the other Captains before the game.

  2. Use of obscene or vulgar language against an umpire will result in an automatic ejection from the game. Umpires are advised to strictly enforce this rule. No warning is necessary before an ejection for obscene or vulgar language. Captains are responsible to escort the ejected player out of the Fairview Park Complex or risk forfeiting the game. An ejected player returning to the park during or after the night of their game shall be suspended permanently for the remainder of the season.

  3. Use of obscene or vulgar language against another captain or player “may” result in an ejection from the game. Umpire at his discretion shall give the player and Captains one warning.

  4. Any player who pushes, shoves or strikes an umpire, captain or player will be suspended “permanently from the league”.

  5. Any player who threatens an umpire with physical harm during or after a game will be suspended “permanently from the league”.

    1. Any player ejected from a game will be ineligible as indicated:

      1. 1st Offense: Remainder of current game as well as next game. If the ejection occurs in the final game or games of the season, the penalty will carry over to the next season.

      2. 2nd Offense: Any player ejected a second time will be “suspended permanently”.

 If there are any questions regarding rules please see a member of the rules committee.  The current members are:

·        Herman Blatz

·        Brian James

·        Bill Loeffler

·        Dave Lubin 

Remember, the goal of this league is for fun and friendly competition. If you don't like a call have a beer and forget about it THERE IS NO ARGUING… LET'S KEEP A GOOD THING GOING!