We are Little League... Colorado District 2

Sign-up for Field Closure Information

If there is inclement weather in the area your game may be canceled at game time.

Please check with your manager or league president to determine closures. Thank you.

Alerts will be sent out after 4pm weekdays and 7am weekends when the District is notified of closures.  

To subscribe to text alerts:

•Text the word CODTWO to 84483. You should get a confirmation text back that you have been subscribed.

To subscribe to email alerts:

Join Colorado District 2 Little League text/email alerts on RainedOut

•Enter your email, check the Agree to Terms of Service and click on Start Signup

•A validation code will be emailed to you. Once you receive the validation code, enter it in the validation field on the website and click Validate Code.

•You are done! There is no need to enter a private group keyword.

Note - These text and email services will only send messages to you, they will not accept messages from you.

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