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Lightning Detector

FishHawk Youth Sports Association (FYSA) has installed a state of the art lightning detection system for the complex.  All of the sports programs contributed funds, and Newland Communities very generously matched those funds, dollar for dollar.   In order for the new system to be effective, the rules regarding its use must be carefully followed.  

The maintenance building at the complex (located between the East soccer/football field) and the baseball field, has been equipped with a yellow light on top.  When the lightning detection system senses a threat, the yellow light will turn on and a very loud horn will sound for 15 seconds.   The yellow light will stay on until the "All Clear" has sounded - this is when the horn blasts for 5 seconds, 3 times in a row.  Before any activities on the field, visually confirm that the yellow light on top of the maintenance building is off.   If the light is off, you may proceed.   If the light is on (even if you missed the 15 second alarm), please STAY OFF the fields until the "All Clear" has sounded.  If you are on the fields and hear the 15 second alarm, please IMMEDIATELY exit the fields.  

When leaving the fields, do not stand under the trees, pavilions, or building over-hangs.   You must wait in your cars, as this is the safest location.   The board rooms will be closed during this time.   PLEASE DO NOT EXIT THE COMPLEX UNLESS YOU ARE ADVISED TO DO SO BY YOUR COACH.

The fields will remain closed until you hear the "All Clear."   After hearing the "All Clear," visually confirm that the yellow light on the maintenance building is off before proceeding back to the fields.

You may also monitor field status by going to the following URL:

Attendance Policy

Wolfpack Cheer Attendance Policy 

Cheerleading is a team sport which requires every cheerleader to know their responsibilities and perform as part of a TEAM. We are  unlike any other sport in that we do not have substitute members if someone is absent. Attendance is essential to the success of each  season. Attendance will be taken at the beginning at each practice. Each Cheerleader’s 100% commitment is required as each position  on the squad is dependent on the other. When one Cheerleader is absent, it places hardship on the entire squad and can become a  safety issue. It is for these reasons the Cheerleader and the parents must be advised of the importance of compliance to the  attendance policy. 

We understand things may come up throughout the season. For that reason we have defined our attendance policy below. Attendance Policy is as follows 

1. All practices and competitions are MANDATORY
2. Athletes are expected to be on time (on time is at least 5 minutes early to practice dressed and ready to begin on time!) so  they may participate in stretching, warm up, etc…
3. Athletes must turn in an Absence Request Form (ARF) at least a week in advance of requested date in order to be considered  as an excused absence. Form is available on our website. 
4. Any missed indoor gym practices will only be excused if a family emergency occurs, or a special circumstance, as  these are crucial to getting ready for competition. 
5. Athletes can not miss any practices the week leading up to competition, no exceptions 
6. Athletes will be allowed four (4) excused practices throughout the July - December season. 
7. Athletes will be allowed one (1) unexcused practice throughout the July - December season. 

Head Coaches and the cheer committee will make final decisions on each absence status. Excessive absences/tardies will be taken  into consideration in competition choreography.

  Examples of excused absences:
Athlete is sick but returns with a doctor’s note; 
Serious illness or death in the family; 
Mandatory school event; and, 
Planned vacation prior to Jamboree provided the coach has been notified by the first week of practice.

When an athlete knows that he/she is going to be absent or late, he/she has the responsibility to notify their coach in advance,  otherwise it will be treated as an unexcused absence. Also, Coaches understand that occasional school conflicts arise, and we  prioritize academics first. However, we also expect cheerleaders to use good time management skills to complete school work and  make practice. 

Examples of unexcused absences:
Planned vacation after Jamboree; 
Conflict with other sport/activities (special circumstances apply for High School Cheerleaders); 
Birthdays; and, 
Camps, other teams, including try-outs, practices, etc… of other sports organizations. 

Wolfpack Cheer is expected to be a priority commitment during the season. When a team is missing cheerleaders, it  diminishes the cheerleaders’ opportunity, both individually and as a group, to safely learn and practice their skills. A single  miss affects the entire squad and impacts those cheerleaders who have committed to be at all practices. 

After four excused absences, the fifth absence will result in an automatic unexcused absence. 

TARDINESS/LEAVING EARLY: 3 times unexcused tardy, leaving early, and any combination of the two is considered 1 UNEXCUSED  absence. 

Consequences for Unexcused Absences
1st unexcused absence: A warning is issued to the player and parent. 
2nd unexcused absence: Extra reps of a physical conditioning exercise(cheer jacks, squats, push-ups etc) or an extra lap of  running at the start of the next practice. Age appropriate activity will be determined by her head coach 
3rd unexcused absence: Athlete is ineligible to compete with the team at competitions.


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