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                                                                                   Volunteer Ethics and Responsibilities

All volunteers with Spring Seminoles must read and sign an agreement with the following:

As a Volunteer with Spring Seminoles, I will:

1. Provide a positive attitude and demonstrate principles of fair play and sportsmanship

2. Place the emotional and physical wellbeing of the players ahead of the desire to win;

3. Treat each player as an individual, recognizing the vast range of emotional and physical development of players at a given age of play

4. Always teach the techniques of the game in such a way as to provide a safe playing situation for the players

5. Be familiar with basic first aid principles

6. Organize my practices in such a way as to make sure they are fun and challenging for all of my players

7. Familiarize myself with the rules of the game and the rules and policies of the league

8. Use volunteering techniques that are appropriate at the skill level and the players that I volunteer.

9. I will remember that I volunteer a youth football team and that the game is for youth players & not adults.

While Serving as a Volunteer in Spring Seminoles:

1. I understand that my duties as a volunteer include volunteering to assist in franchise duties such as equipment and uniform maintenance, fundraising, and general administration;

2. I understand that I may be required to attend league and franchise training sessions that are designed to improve my volunteering skills and to familiarize me with the latest volunteering techniques and safety considerations;

3. I understand that I may be required to attend any mandatory meetings, understanding that advance notice will be given.

4. I will always stress the success of the program and be positive in my suggestions and criticisms;

5. I understand that most league communication is done via e-mail / Group Me and I will check my e-mail / Group Me on a regular basis.

6. I will maintain contact with the parents/guardians of my players in a respectful manner at all times (sometimes it’s best to walk away)

7. I understand that under no circumstances am I to talk to any players in a vulgar nor a disrespectful way.

8. I understand that violation of any of the above agreements is subject to sanctions from the organization, team, or its designee. These sanctions range from verbal warning up to and including dismissal as a volunteer.
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