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Parent Code of Conduct

updated: 2/11/20

As an Octorara (OSC) / LanChester (LCU) PARENT, my child and his/her coach can expect the following from me:

• I recognize that youth soccer and playing for OSC/ LCU is first and foremost, for and about our children and their development in soccer and enjoying the sport of soccer.

• I will exhibit good sportsmanship at all times to members of the team, the coaches, my fellow parents, referees, our opponents, and all spectators.
Strictly NO sideline coaching during any OSC/LCU event. Let the coach provide all instructions and understand that having more than one-person coaching can cause confusion to the players.
• I will support not only my child and his/her teammates and coaches as well.
• Encourage Only! Parents cause problems by being critical of players that are not their own. Being publicly critical of players on the team, including your own child, is not acceptable & will not be tolerated. 
• Shouting insults or verbally abusing a referee will not be tolerated. Violations of this simple edict can result in pulling a players and/or expulsion from the club.
Do not enter the field of play. Coaches & officials will deal with all player related incidents. If there is a serious injury only the game official & coach can permit you entering the field of play.
Attendance (TeamSnap): Please unsure that your TeamSnap Accounts always accurate and updated a minimum of 48 hours prior to each event. Please also ensure that reasons for absences are recorded on TeamSnap or emailed to your coach.
Arrival: Please ensure that your child arrives a minimum of 45 minutes prior to games (5-15 minutes for practices).If, for some reason you are running late, make sure child is dressed and ready to go when he/she exits the car.

• Do not move up & down the sidelines. Parents embarrass their children by making a spectacle of themselves. Find a comfortable place to put your chair, relax, and enjoy the game.
• Injury: Parents are responsible to communicate to the Coach any injury, regardless of where it occurred, that may impact your sons/daughters ability to participate in team activities. 
• 24 hour Rule: If you have questions or concerns about your child's development and you wish to speak with the coach you need schedule a time via email. Coaches will NOT have a discussion with parents before or after matches. Parents are not permitted to contact coaches until a period of 24 hours has passed.
Volunteerism: We are more then just a team of players: we are a team of families. Your child's playing commitment involves your commitment.
• I will encourage my son/daughter to take responsibility for their commitment to their team and OSC/LCU, including but not limited to encouraging my son/daughter to raise any questions or concerns he/she has directly with his/her coach.

There are to be NO pets on or near the field. We all love our animals, but their place is at home. It is danger to players, coach's and spectators.

Financial Obligation: OSC/LCU relies on income from player fees to cover the costs and expenses for our programs. A breakdown  of the age group/team budgets is provided on the clubs website for your review. Please note that the budgets are subject to change at the coach's discretion. Changes will be communicated ASAP. These budgets do not include travel expenses for the player and.or family members. These costs are solely the responsibility of the family.
• Club fees are nonrefundable. These include registration fees, player development fees and field usage
 fees. These fees are NOT prorated if you leave the club for any reason.
• Club fees will be collected via credit card through our online registration process.
• Families who are unable to meet the financial obligations of the team may be eligible for special payments plans or financial assistance.

Code of Conduct Violations:
• Parents that have violated the "Parents Code of Conduct" are subject to potential disciplinary action. 
• All violations are reviewed by the OSC/LCU board members
• The Board may issue the following disciplinary action(s), in its sole discretion to include but no limited to:
     - Parent Suspension
     - Parent Expulsion

     - Removal of Family form the Club
• If the violation warrants the expulsion or family removal from the Club, recommendation of removal must be approved by the Board of Directors, in its sole discretion.
                                                                                            * Strive for Excellence on & off the field * 

Player Code of Conduct

updated: 3/5/20 (under construction)

As an Octorara Soccer Club (OSC) / LanChester United (LCU) PLAYER, my coaches and parents can expect the following from me: 

I will be committed to developing myself as a soccer player by attending every team training, understanding that regular training is the foundation for      competitive success ad I will notify my coaches or team manager as early as possible of any training absences. 
• I understand that character is as important to success as is ability and will demonstrate the highest level of character at all times. 
• I understand that striving to win, which consists of 100% physical and mental commitment to performing to the best of my ability, is more important than  winning. 
• I will demonstrate personal accountability by accepting responsibility for my own actions and for my own performances, on and off the field. 
• I understand that individual training is an integral part of the development process and I will commit to regular individual training. 
• I will treat my coaches, other players, officials and fans with respect regardless of race, sex, creed or abilities. 
• I will not engage in any behavior that would endanger the health, safety, or well-being of a coach, parent, player, participant, league official or any other   attendee. 
• I will not use profanity or engage in verbal or physical threats or abuse aimed at any coach, parent, player, participant, league official or any other attendee. 
• I will demonstrate good sportsmanship in my actions, before, during, and after the game, regardless of the result of the game and my own performance. 
• I will always show respect for those involved in the game, including myself, whether they are players, coaches, trainers, referees, administrators, or parents, and will not ridicule or demean another player, coach, parent, referee, trainer, administrator or parent. 
• I will not use alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco or vaping products.
• I will respect the facilities on which I train and compete and will leave them clean and in good condition. 
• It is my responsibility to have all my equipment for practices and games, not my parents’ responsibility to provide for me.
• I will take responsibility for my participation on the team and direct my questions or concerns to my coach.

Apparel Guidelines:
All coaches and players of LCU must respect our relationships with ADIDAS  as the official apparel sponsor of  or club by wearing the assigned apparel. Footwear is the only exception. 

Game Day Apparel:
 • All players are expected to wear the designated LCU ADIDAS uniform and apparel at ALL league games, tournaments and club-sponsored events and     activities. Game footwear/shin guards/straps are the exception.
• Players are required to have the proper equipment including a properly inflated ball, shin guards, socks pulled up and the correct shoes for the surface of play. When weather dictates, undergarments may be worn and will be the same color as the game day jersey.
• Please note that external medical tape must match game day socks during games. This is a FIFA rule that is being highlighted by Referees.
• Team administrators/coaches will dictate the game day color combination prior to the game. Always bring all uniforms to all games.

Travel Dress Apparel:
• When traveling, players are expected to adhere to the required dress code as dictated by the coach. Travel attire must be appropriate and team apparel is suggested. Disrespectful slogans, symbols, political statements and disrespectful wording shall not be displayed on the clothes. Clothes shall "fit" (nothing to tight or too loose). No holes or tears int he clothing shall be present. No baseball hats.

Team Travel:
• The coach will determine a team curfew. Tournaments are not a family vacation , but a way to help develop players. Adult supervisions is expected for players when we are traveling and we encourage parents to volunteer to chaperone players.
• Players are expected to participate with the team for the entire event. While traveling, the coach may request to have the team participate in a team activity, meeting, or team meal and the player will be required to attend. Any exceptions will be granted and determined by the coach
• Do not leave the hotel without the coach's permission, the coach must know where you are at all times.
• At no time will any person of the opposite gender, other than a family, will be allowed in the player's rooms when travel is taking place. Players are expected to stay in their assigned room with parents/guardians. no horseplay at the hotel. As far as common practice, all participants on the trip are expected to be well mannered and considerate of others.
• Use of alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco or vaping products will result int he player being sent home at the parent's expense. please address this item with your child.
• All participants on the trip are expected to be well mannered and considerate of others. It is our expectation that each player upholds a high standard of excellence. Players must treat their teammates, coaches, manager, opponents and referees with decency and respect at all times.
• Remember, you represent OSC & LCU!!!

Arrival Times:
•  OSC/LCU expects their players to be punctual and arrive for all coach communicated deadlines on time.

Practice Arrival Times:
 •  OSC/LCU players are expected to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of practice.

Game Day Arrival Times:

 •  OSC players are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to kick-off.
 •  LCU players are expected to arrive 35 minutes prior to kick-off.

•  Treat your body like a temple, not a trash can.

Code of Conduct Violations:
• Players that have violated the "Players Code of Conduct" are subject to potential disciplinary action. 
• All violations are reviewed by the OSC/LCU Board Members of Directors.
• The Board may issue the following disciplinary action(s), in its sole discretion to include but no limited to:
     - Player Suspension
     - Player Expulsion
     - Community Service hours
     - Educational Awareness Classes
     - Counseling
• If the violation warrants the expulsion from the Club, recommendation of removal must be approved by the Board of Directors, in its sole discretion.
                     * Strive for Excellence on & off the field * 
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