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I'm ready to try a free class, do I need to make an appointment?
     No, but it is highly recommended. Please send an email to make an appointment.

Should I arrive at the time posted for the start of class?
 No, you should arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of class in order to complete the paperwork and receive an introductory lesson
          before your first class.

What should I wear/bring to class?
     Wear comfortable workout clothes, for example, sweatpants and a t-shirt. All students need to bring a water bottle to class.

Can I come to any class I want, for my first class?

     No, you need to come to the classes on the calendar that are designated with a " New Student Orientation" before it. Most classes are
          designed for current students, perhaps: belt testing review, tournament preparation, advanced techniques (not suitable for beginners), etc.
          Orientations are usually one week per month, with the best time being the start of a new session. 

Are there any specials?
   Yes, enroll on the first night and receive a FREE karate uniform ($20 value).

Are girls and boys in the same class?
Yes, although girls are paired with other girls for most of the techniques. Before a girl is paired with a boy, the parent is asked by the

Is there contact in the class?
     There is very little contact in the beginning class, but after about a year, kids are invited into an advanced class were contact increases
          gradually in a safe manner. 

Can I earn belts, and eventually, a Black Belt?
     Yes! Earn belts with internationally recognized certificates and eventually a black belt ($0 testing fee, an area school charges $1,000 for their
          black belt test, but they know this isn't a question you ask when searching for a school).

I have a belt from another school, can I wear it, or do I have to start over at white belt?
     Transferring students from another martial arts school can keep the rank/belt that they've earned (bring certificate of rank on your first night).
          Although students can wear the belt they've earned in class, considering the wide variety of martial arts and standards, further progression
          of ranks may very depending on each students situation.

Are all classes taught by the master instructor?
     Yes! All classes are taught by a 6th Degree Black Belt with over 25 years of experience.

Are there advanced classes?
     Yes! Students are invited into the advanced class (Black Belt Club) after about one year of training in the beginner class. The Black Belt Club
          introduces students to advanced self-defense techniques, submission wrestling and contact sparring (not done in the beginner class).

Can I compete in tournaments?
     Yes! Although tournament are not required, they are highly recommended. Tournaments give students the opportunity to compete against       
          other students from other schools in the area. This country was built on competition and competition only makes you better. Students can
           either compete in sparring, grappling tournaments, or both. Students can win trophies, medals or samurai swords. Tournaments are held
           as close as Indian Trail, but many are in the greater Charlotte area, all depending on the date and type of tournament offered.