Board Members


President: Paul Ortiz
Vice President: Justina Martinez
Secretary: Carlina Flores
Treasurer: Selina Hernandez
Safety Officer: Nick Harney
Player Agent: Crystal Allen
Coaches Coordinator (Farm & Tball):  Jimmy Patterson
Coaches Coordinator(Major & Minor): Miguel Soto 
Equipment Manager(s): Rafael Hernandez
Field Maintenance:  Bryan Roinestad and Rudy Diaz
Sponsor Agent/Fundraising: Edgar Dominguez
Official Scorekeeper: Maverick Ellison
Team Mom Coordinator: Megan Brewer and Melissa Thomas
Snack Bar/Concession Coordinator: Reggie and Amanda Edwards
Information Officer: Jesse and Sally Macias

There are still some vacant spots ready to be filled!  If you are interested in becoming a board member please send us an email.  

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