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Our Story


Black Hills Pony League became Black Hills Junior Little League, part of Little League International, starting for the 2016 season and going forward!

We are known as Black Hills Junior Little League and are a way for your child to continue Little League Baseball after Majors! We play on both Jaime Johnson and Horace Mann fields.  Horace Mann Field is not playable right now, but we hope to get it there so that we can offer a full Senior League too. 

Partnering with Little League allows Black Hills Junior Little League to provide more opportunities to the youth baseball players in Rapid City.
These include, selecting an ALL-STAR team at the end of each season and competing in District, Regional, and World Series tournaments shown on ESPN! The Black Hills Junior League All Star Americans made it to the Midwest Junior Little League title game in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in August 2019. To get there they claimed the championship in the South Dakota State Junior Little League tournament. Second place in the tournament went to our own All Star Nationals.

It also adds the support of the world’s largest organized youth sports program to further the development of Black Hills Junior Little League making our kids experience second to none!

If you have great sponsorship or fundraising ideas we can use to help us get Horace Mann Field improved (lighting, field resurfacing, etc) please reach out to us with ideas!!

About Little League®
Little League® Baseball and Softball is the world’s largest organized youth sports program, with 2.4 million players and one million adult volunteers in every U.S. state and more than 80 of other countries.
In 2014, Little League is celebrating its 75th Anniversary of developing major league people.
For more information, visit, or follow the Little League on Facebook ( or Twitter (

For more information contact:
[email protected]
Black Hills Junior League
PO BOX 9042
Rapid City, SD 57709


Black Hills Junior League


















Introduction   4

Our History and Our Future  4

Our Goals and Objectives  4

Our Action Plan   5-8

Safety Concepts and Accident Reporting Information   8-10





Other Considerations  14



Black Hills Junior League Safety Plan

Safety Is Teamwork



The health, safety, and welfare of every player, coach, manager, and volunteer is a major concern for Black Hills Junior League.  

Success of this Safety Plan requires a firm commitment from each individual in becoming knowledgeable in health and safety standards and programs that will enhance their environment.  If the environment is not conducive to good health and good safety, then it is the responsibility of everyone to become “change agents” in improving the environment.

Our History and Our Future

The mission of Black Hills Junior League is to provide a healthy and safe environment conducive to developing the qualities of citizenship, leadership, teamwork, and physical well-being while simultaneously fostering a love for the game of baseball.

Black Hills Junior League strives to develop these qualities in its youth participants as well as the adult coaches, managers, volunteers, board members and parents.

Black Hills Junior League will achieve this through quality instruction in the development of baseball skills, sportsmanship, competitiveness and fair play.

Our safety attitude is something that we will continue to work on by following our goals and objectives as we move into the future.

Our Goals and Objectives


  • To provide and maintain safe and healthy conditions and to promote safe practices that will result in fun, quality learning for the players.
  • Increase Coach/Manager proactive participation in the League Safety Program.
  • Report and review ANY safety concerns in a timely manner ensuring that concerns are addressed and rectified as quickly as possible.



  • To maintain health and safety as the top priority while teaching our children the fundamentals of baseball.
  • To continually broaden our awareness and understanding of safety hazards, and to mitigate these hazards to the best extant possible.
  • To improve safe game conditions and practices, through continued hazard assessment, training and communication.

    Our Action Plan


    Four contributing factors to baseball related accidents are: 1) unsafe attitudes or lack of attention, 2) untrained coaches and managers, 3) unsafe fields and practice areas, and 4) unsafe equipment. 

    In an effort to remedy some of these conditions, the Black Hills Junior League is committed to ensure each player, coach, manager and volunteer has the proper information readily available to promote a safe and fun learning environment for each child.  In addition, general responsibilities are assigned below. 

    Dan Olson is the active Safety Officer and is on file with Little League International.

    Black Hills Junior League empowers all individuals to take personal responsibility by taking a proactive role in creating a positive, safe, and healthy environment.  Each individual is required to rectify and/or report safety concerns to the Safety Officer and/or BH Junior League Board member. If the safety concerns cannot be resolved on their level, the individual receiving the report will take concerns to the league President and Board.  If the safety concern is life threatening an emergency BH Junior League Board meeting will be called to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

    Who is Responsible?

    A.  Coach/Manager Responsibilities

  1. Maintain a positive safe attitude by following the coaches’ code of conduct.
  2. Make use of all required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  3. Inspect equipment regularly for the condition of the equipment as well as for proper fit. Contact Equipment Manager Dan Olson with any issues/problems.
  4. Batters must wear Little League approved protective helmets during batting practice and games.
  5. Ensure bats are inspected and only approved bats are used. A current list of approved bats is posted on the BH Junior League website at
  1. Keep playing fields and practice areas clean and free of hazards and correct and/or report all unsafe conditions to the Safety Officer or board member. The home team coach/manager is required to walk the field prior to each game. Look for any potential hazards such as debris on the field, improper seating of the bases, and holes or other damage to the field.
  2. Have a basic first aid kit stocked and readily available and attend the pre-season basic first aid clinic provide by the league. Dates of the first aid clinic will be posted on the league website.
  1. Follow all safety instructions, practices, policies, and procedures as described in the BH Junior League ASAP Safety plan.
  1. Report to the Safety Officer, all accidents, unsafe conditions, and defective equipment that may impact safety. For all accidents, even if they are minor, complete and submit the accident report form within 24 hours. If you need assistance in completing the form contact the BH Junior League Safety Officer or another board member.
  1. Ask questions.Be informed regarding use of equipment, safety precautions and risks.

    B.  BH Junior League Board Member Responsibilities

  1. Follow all safety instructions, policies, and procedures as described in the BH Junior League ASAP Safety Plan.
  2. Ensure each new and returning coach/manager attends coach’s clinic.
  3. Require all coaches/managers to read and become familiar with the BH Junior League Safety Plan.
  4. Provide a safe environment through actions.
  5. Provide coaches/managers and volunteers with adequate training where appropriate.
  1. Ensure that PPE is worn and all league used fields and equipment are in good safe working order.
  1. Immediately report all accidents. Contact Safety Manager to complete proper accident reporting forms when needed.
  2. Take necessary actions outlined in the BH Junior League Safety Plan.



    C.  Safety Officer Responsibilities

  1. The safety officer shall be on file with Little League International
  2. Complete, update and submit the BH Junior League Safety Plan to Little League International and District Safety Officer no later than April 1st of each year.
  1. Serve as an extension of the BH Junior League board regarding safety-related items.
  1. Serve as a contact for coaches, mangers and volunteers regarding safety issues, questions and safety program implementation.
  1. Advise the BH Junior League board on accident trends and/or program areas needing emphasis.
  2. Recommend corrective actions for safety related concerns.
  1. Take necessary actions outlined in the BH Junior League ASAP Safety Plan.
  2. Assure the BH Junior League ASAP Safety Plan is available to all via the league web site.
  3. Work with the league president to ensure that all coaches, managers, and board members have completed the Volunteer Application form with picture ID, that those individuals are not listed on the National Sex Offender registry, and that their criminal background check is acceptable.Per National Little League, leagues “will not permit any person to participate in any manner whose background check reveals a conviction, guilty plea, no contest plea, or admission to any crime involving or against a minor or minors”.

    D.  Equipment and Facility Managers Responsibilities

  1. Maintain records of annual facility inspections of Jamie Johnson and Horace Mann fields
  2. Inspect all equipment annually and make recommendations to BOD on any new equipment needs.

    E. Concession Manager

    1. Update Concession Manual/Guide annually.
    2. Post Concession Manual/Guide in the concession areas.
    3. Post MSDS sheets for all chemicals used in the concessions.
    4. Provide training ,as appropriate, to all concession volunteers to include:
      1. Start up and shut down procedures
      2. Food Handling safety
      3. Cooking, re-heating, and preparing of food.
      4. Clean-up and food storage.
      5. Cash register instructions.

    Safety Action Items

    A good safety attitude is the responsibility of every individual.  If an individual whose actions demonstrate disregard for safe working practices, corrective action should be discussed between the BH Junior League Board, the Safety Officer and the individual involved.

    Safety Review

  • Emergency Procedures for Jamie Johnson Field completed annually and posted to the league website.
  • Facility inspections completed annually and submitted to Little League International.
  • Required fundamental, first aid, child abuse, and concussion training will be completed at the annual Coach’s Clinic in April or May (date TBA).

Additional Field Safety

BH Junior League is currently working with the RC Parks and Recreation Department as well as the Rapid City Common Council to develop a plan for Horace Mann Field. As of 4-1-2019, games are not slated to take place at the field due to poor conditions. The field will be maintained for practice purposes only. Should the status of the field change, BH Junior League will amend the ASAP Safety Plan to include Horace Mann Field in it’s facility plan and add additional emergency procedures for the facility.


Safety Concepts and Accident Reporting Information

Personal Injury Accidents (PIA)

Make certain any injured person promptly receives proper first aid and/or medical attention.  All PIA incidents will be reported to the Safety Officer within 24 hours, regardless of severity.   The Safety Officer is required to fill out injury forms which are posted on the BH Junior League website.

Motorized Vehicle Accidents (MVA) Any accident occurring in the parking lots of Jamie Johnson Field, please notify the Rapid City police department at 605-394-4131.

Lightning Safety

BH Junior League subscribes to the lightning safety guidelines published by the National Weather Service.  Coaches are responsible for monitoring the weather during practice and games. As soon as thunder is heard, the coach will announce that the practice/game will stop and everyone (players, coaches, spectators, etc) will go indoors. Safe approved indoor spaces are vehicles, concession stands, and bathrooms. Coaches may resume practice/games 30 minutes after the last rumble is heard.  In addition, BH Junior League will promote the saying (as adapted from the National Weather Service), “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors”. This will be posted in multiple places at both sets of fields.

Additionally, the use of the Weatherbug smartphone app will be used as a guideline for stopping/starting games. If, according to the app, lightning is detected within a 10 mile radius of Jamie Johnson Field, all activity will stop immediately and everyone (players, coaches, spectators, etc) will go indoors. Safe approved indoor spaces are vehicles, concession stands, and bathrooms. Activity will not be permitted to resume until 30 minutes after lightning is no longer detected within a 10 mile radius AND thunder is no longer heard (see above).


Concussions in Youth Athletes

BH Junior League will require pre-season concussion training at the coaches’ clinic. A date will be announced at a later time.

Governor Daugaard signed SB 149 into law on March, 17, 2011. This law can be found at section 13-36-9 through 13-36-14 of the South Dakota Code, under the education title. (S.D. Codified Laws §§ 13-36-9 through 13-36-14).

This law requires that a concussion information sheet be developed by each school district and annually signed and returned by parents/guardians prior to a student participating in an athletic activity. It further requires coaches to receive annual concussion training. The law also provides that any student suspected of sustaining a concussion shall be immediately removed from participation and may not return until evaluated by a licensed health care professional and given written clearance and no longer exhibits symptoms of a concussion.

The official versions of these sections are currently available online at:

Child Abuse

If someone suspects child abuse / neglect it is their responsibility to make a report to the local law enforcement agency. You can also report child abuse by following the link or calling the child abuse hotline:  Childhelp® (800-422-4453)


Information Provided by:  Child Welfare Information Gateway. Available online at




Reporting of suspected child abuse- Codified Laws § 26-8A-3

Any person who knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that a child younger than age 18 has been abused or neglected should report it. Informational material may be freely reproduced and distributed. However, when doing so, please credit Child Welfare Information Gateway. Available online at


Standards for Making a Report Codified Laws § 26-8A-3

A report is required when a reporter has reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been abused or neglected.


Inclusion of Reporter’s Name in Report

The reporter is not specifically required by statute to provide his or her name in the report.

Disclosure of Reporter Identity Codified Laws § 26-8A-11.1

The name of the reporter is not disclosed unless:

  • The report is determined to be unsubstantiated.
  • Within 30 days, the subject of the report requests disclosure of the reporter’s identity.
  • A hearing is held to determine whether the report was made with malice and without reasonable foundation and that release of the name will not endanger the life or safety of the reporter.



Child Protection Program


Black Hills Junior League will conduct background checks of all coaches/managers, and volunteers.  This includes those “who provide a regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players and teams” (National Little League, 2017). BH Junior League will be utilizing the United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Registry, (, as well as the JDP database per National Little League guidelines.  BH Junior League will use the Volunteer Form provided by National Little League.



Roster Data/Coaches and Managers


Roster data and coach and manager data will be submitted via the Little League Data Center at no later than April 1st annually.












2021 Black Hills Junior League Key Board Members

(605) prefix on all below phone #s unless otherwise indicated









Brian Bowers



Vice President







Cecil LaGrande




Dustin Calhoun




Player Agent

Jon Michaels




Safety Officer

Dan Olson





Concessions Coordinator

Tausha Bussell



Equipment Mgr



Grounds and Facilities/Maintenance

Ted Bentz

















Office Phone

Pennington County Emergency Call


Pennington County Dispatch


Pennington County Sherriff Office


Rapid City Police Department


Rapid City Emergency Management


Poison Control Center











Emergency & Evacuation Plan

Jamie Johnson Field- 1720 32nd Street

BH Junior League

This Plan establishes evacuation and emergency procedures for Jamie Johnson Field.  This Plan shall be kept in each area, posted and near all emergency exits and will be posted to the BH Junior League website at

A.              AUTHORITY

Little League International requires an evacuation plan be submitted no later than March 15th, annually.

    1. Direct access to emergency services through the use of 911 is currently unavailable via landline phone at Jamie Johnson Field. Access to 9-1-1 must be accomplished by cell phones.
    2. Fire extinguishers will be located in each concession area.
    3. In an emergency evacuation, all occupants must evacuate immediately to their outside safe zone.This safe area is designated as 300 feet from the main building to the north at the edge of the parking lot.


Emergency and Evacuation Procedures




Upon discovering a fire in the building, immediately exit the building.   Once you have exited the building delegate someone who can take a quick head count to ensure everyone is out of the building. After you have reached a safe location, call 911.  Follow the dispatcher’s instructions. Notify others to help clear the area, it is recommended that someone go to the road to help direct the fire department to the correct location.


NOTE: At Jamie Johnson Field, the concession buildings are attached to the restrooms while the Crows Nest is upstairs. Ensure when evacuating, if possible, that the restrooms and Crows Nest are evacuated. If possible send someone into the restrooms and make sure all persons are out. Close the restroom doors and post someone to ensure NO ONE re-enters.  DO NOT lock the doors. Notify arriving emergency responders of the location of the emergency and whether it is known if persons remain inside.





In the event of a wildland fire close to the area; Keep calm, call 911, and ensure that all players and volunteers are accounted for, by doing a head count; take the children to a safe place. Consider areas free of debris, such as the dirt infields, green grass areas, or even parking lots; keeping in mind fire resources will be utilizing the parking lots to gain access to the area.




If a tornado warning is issued for the general Rapid City area, the coach/manager will designate a spotter/lookout to watch the skies in the general area. If a funnel cloud or tornado is seen, the spotter will immediately alert the coaches/managers/umpires, who will then initiate shelter in place procedures.


Currently Rapid City only has one emergency tone and it is used to alert the public in case of any dangerous condition in the area.  The alert is a long wavering tone that is played continuously until the danger has passed.



  1. Coaches/managers/volunteers and visitors will be directed to take shelter in the buildings located on the grounds or to take cover in one of the safe areas closest to their location at the time of the emergency.Recommended locations will be posted in the concession areas.


  2. Personnel working inside the concession buildings should close the “windows” and ensure that the doors are UNLOCKED, so others can enter.



  3. Personnel working outside of the building should move to the nearest building and seek cover in an interior hallway or other location, away from windows and exterior doors.If you are unable to reach a building safely, look for low lying areas such as: culverts, drainage ditches and road cuts for refuge.Refuge in a vehicle is not recommended.Lay face down with feet pointed toward the danger and protect your head and face with your arms and hands.Remain there until the danger has passed.


  4. Once in the Safe Area personnel should sit against the wall and use their arms and hands to protect their heads and faces from falling or flying debris.


  5. All personnel and visitors should remain in the safety area until directed to evacuate the area.


  6. Coaches should be the last persons into the safe area. Conduct a role count as soon as possible.DO NOT leave the safe area to look for missing persons.


  7. While evacuating the building watch for and avoid overhead hazards.Damaged electrical wiring and other dangerous conditions.Follow the direction of organizational safety personnel to avoid hazards or changes to the evacuation based on changing condition.


  8. After exiting the building move to an appointed area and remain there for roll call and further instructions.

Coaches/Managers/volunteers should, as delegated perform the following actions immediately after a tornado:

  • Direct persons to exit the building and prevent anyone from re-entering cleared areas.
  • Ensure that the Safe Area is cleared of all persons and that any injured persons are assisted with evacuation if possible.
  • Take note of fires or damage to utilities as they exit the building.
  • Report immediately to an appointed Safe Area and conduct role call / headcount.



Flash Flood

Jamie Johnson Field and its proximity to Rapid Creek present a danger from flash flooding. If a FLASH FLOOD WATCH is issued for the Rapid Creek drainage, BH Junior League leadership will determine whether postponing activities is prudent.


If a FLASH FLOOD WARNING is issued, all players, parents and spectators at Jamie Johnson Field will evacuate to higher ground IMMEDIATELY. The evacuation route will be to the north as the only other means of egress crosses Rapid Creek.




Black Hills Junior League is currently working with the Rapid City Police Department to develop and implement and Active Shooter/Active Killer response plan.



Other Considerations

If any of the above emergency situations occur, notify a BH Junior League board member, if not present, as soon as possible





Field Status

  • Jamie Johnson

    Updated: 06/27/21 8:23PM
  • Horace Mann Field

    Updated: 06/27/21 8:23PM
  • McKeague Field

    Updated: 02/12/21 4:35PM

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