Why have prices increased for the 2019 season?
Unfortunately costs of running everything are going up such as equipment purchases, field maintenance, umpire fees etc, our fund raising has been down, and we haven’t raised fees in several years.  We have raised the rates $50, to help offset that and to help us better plan for the season we have instituted a $25/ per kid early bird registration until the end of the year.  The only exception to that is that tee ball prices have remained the same and they aren’t eligible for the early bird discount.

Why do I have both tee ball and pee wee options available for my league age 6 child, and which one should I choose?
League age 6 year olds are eligible for either tee ball or pee wee for the spring 2019 season.  SCLL recommends that each child plays at  least 1 year of tee ball.  If they have played one year of tee ball and can catch, throw, and hit the ball off of the coach pretty consistently, then they may be ready for pee wee.  If you answered no to any of these three skills then they will likely have more success in tee ball.  NOTE also that tee ball is only $50 compared to $150 for pee wee.

Why do I have both pee wee and minors options available for my league age 8 child, and which one should I choose?
League age 8 year olds are eligible to try out for the minors division.  That doesn't mean that they will be in minors for sure, first they must be present at the minors tryout, and then have to be drafted to a team.  There are several factors that determine whether they are drafted onto a minors team.  The main consideration of course are the 8 year olds going to be safe in minors.  Depending on the number of teams, players per team, and 9, 10, and 11 year olds, there may be a limited number of slots for 8 year olds.  ***If your child doesn't make a minors team, or misses the tryout, they will be put into the pee wee division and be assigned to a team there.

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