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Jul, 2020

Games begin 7/13

Phase 3 of the Covid-19 guidelines have begun. See below for guidelines.Games will begin Monday, 7/13. Please note that 6:00 scheduled games SHALL start at 5:45, and 8:00 scheduled games SHALL start at 8:15, to meet social distancing guidelines. 
See you at the fields!!





The COVID-19 pandemic has affected hundreds of thousands of people in many ways.  One of the ways is the impact it had had on the softball community, its youth, adult, umpires, and spectators.  USA Softball of Massachusetts had developed the following guidelines to help maintain social distancing and safely return to games.

“In accordance with the authority granted to the Secretary of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) pursuant to COVID-19 Order No.43 to issue Sector-Specific rules to implement COVID-19safety measures for organized youth sports.” 

The safety guidelines herein are to be enforced during and after all Softball games. 

NOTE:  Softball under the Phase III, Step I guidelines falls under “Moderate Risk”.  Bay State Girls Softball league in addition to its safety policies will adopt all guidelines stated under “Moderate Risk” section issued by the State of Massachusetts, City of New Bedford, Department of Public Health and USA Softball.  Below is the highlights of such policies issued by the above organizations and adopted by Bay State Girls Softball League for the 2020 Season. 



>All individuals including players and coaches should remain at least six feet apart to the greatest extent possible. 

>SPECTATORS / PARENTS must remain six feet apart from other spectators / individuals if not living in the same household.   Spectators/ Parents must watch games from designated areas established and posted by the league (must watch game from outfield areas).   NOTE that sponsor signs are located on the outfield fence and have been placed six feet apart from each other to assist families with social distance from groups…  there is limited space and we encourage families to attend their children games but ask that they keep it limited to immediate family.   We also encourage you to bring your own chairs as bleaches are NOT to be used by spectators.

Masks MUST be worn by all and per Massachusetts COVID-19 Order #31 when six feet is not possible.  We HIGHLY encourage that spectators wear masks at all times while watching games. 

>Spectators / Parents are asked to return to their cars once the game is over and wait for your child (if age appropriate).  NO congregating in common areas OR parking Lots following practices or games.

>Bathrooms will be open on building #2.  League will do all it can to assure that the bathrooms are sanitized thru out the day, we ask that you PLEASE respect the bathrooms like you do at home.   Every year we have issues with the bathrooms in the manner of its use….  PLEASE be respectful when in use.  


Sanitizer will be provided in the bathrooms, if paper towels are low or out, please inform someone in the concession stand.   IF bathrooms are abused or need a thorough cleaning that bathroom unit will be closed for the night till it can be disinfected accordingly.   WHEN IN LINE to utilize the bathroom(s) you must stay 6 FT apart from each other and must have a MASK on, NO EXCEPTIONS (unless under 2 years old).

>CONCESSION STAND;  Please note that the concession stand will be open during game times ONLY….and it will close each night by 9:15PM.   Concession stand this year ONLY will be run by  a small group of people (still looking for one or two, please contact me directly) and not by our normal assignment schedule (parents) due to regulations and guidelines and to assure safety guidelines are being followed.   Note that the concession stand this year is also LIMITED and not all our normal goodies will be provided this year.  Please be sure to follow the following rules;

                                >>There is ONLY one side of the window that designated for taking your order.

                                >>YOU must stand six feet apart when standing in line

                                >>YOU must wear your MASK when standing in line and when placing your order

 >>WINDOW is ONLY for placing orders….you will NOT be handling any items thru that window.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

>>PICK UP orders (even if it is only a drink) will be called out by numbers on the side of the building (at the table).

>>When waiting for your number to be called to pick up your order, please be sure to stand distant from everyone (six feet). 

>>Menu will be placed for view outside of the window so to assist you what is available.

>>Any additional instructions/directions will be posted.




The following guidelines placed by USA Softball, State & Local agencies and Bay State Girls Softball League for the 2020 Season;

NOTE;  Reminder that despite that the online schedule states game time, be sure to let your players / families know that the game scheduled start is as following;  5:45PM & 8:15 PM.  This will allow our earlier games that normally played at 6PM to start 15 minutes earlier (GAME TIME IS STILL THE SAME; 1 HOUR AND 45 MINUTES) and the later game to start 15 minutes later so to give a 30 minute window between games for several reasons including time for previous team, coaches and spectators to exit the fields. 



Teams on the later games (8:15pm) please note that you CANNOT gather and warm up near any playing field or area near the concession stand by diamond 2.  NO TEAM is allowed to throw in those areas.  YOU may meet and warm up by the top grass area of the parking lot (top parking lot) with social distance, IF Diamond 3 is not being used for earlier games, you may utilize the field (no more than two teams in different sections of the diamond) to warm up.   OR any open area that does not interfere with any playing field and that you are at least 20 feet away from spectators that are watching the games in the outfields.

NO NEW INNING will begin after 1 hour and 30 minutes….NO exceptions.   If the game is tied after the 1 hour and 45 minutes max time it is a tied game…YOU cannot play another inning under international tied rules….GAMES CANNOT BE LONGER THAN THE ONE HOUR AND 45 MINUTES.


>>  Teams are to enter & Exit as following;

>>Diamond #1  Thru the side entrance located on the walkway after the bullpen (outfield) on the visitors side.  The normal entries on each side of the main building are blocked.

                                >>Diamond 2 & 3, entrance as usual.

Teams will not enter the softball field while the previous team(s) is on the field or in the dugouts, etc.  Teams are to remain off the field and social distance until the previous teams have left the fields and Managers/Coaches (of previous team)  have sanitized any areas that need to be sanitized (benches, seating areas….see disinfection section).

>>Only two teams (players actually playing in the game, NO injured members of a team are allowed to be in the fields during games), up to 4 coaches per team (See Coaches section) and umpire(s) are allowed on the softball field or in the permanent/extended dugout area.

>>Players are to wear batting gloves as much as possible during game, especially when handling a bat.

>>Players and coaches must refrain from any physical gestures of celebrating including but not limited to high fives, fist, or elbow bumps.  This includes when games are completed were teams normally line up to congratulate each other and the umpires.  This also includes no physical celebration when someone hits a homerun.  Teams are asked to be creative (song/cheer) to celebrate end of games, etc.  NO team huddles before, during or after the game.  Players are not allowed to leave dugout area to congratulate for any reason. 

>>NO SEEDS or any food that encourages spitting should be allowed. (Gum is allowed provided that it is thrown /disposed correctly in the waist baskets).   NO FOOD allowed in fields including dugouts.

>>Players will need to keep their bags, equipment, drinks, etc. in their assigned area that is been designated by the league and mark as such; (the player area is marked with an X in the bleaches and dug out, those players in the bullpen the fence will have a BLUE tape mark on the fence).



>>Diamond 1; Home team will utilize the dugout, bullpen and bleaches (which will be fenced off behind and you will enter it thru the gate in front of it.  Visitors side you will utilize the dug out and the bleachers (which will be fenced off behind and you will enter it thru the gate that use to be the entrance to the field).  The BULLPEN on the Visitors side is designated for Pitcher Warm-up for BOTH TEAMS….Let’s play nice we are here for the girls not for your ego.

>>Diamond 2; Home team will utilize the dugout and bullpen and might have to utilize (depending on the size of the team) the area near the dugout.  Visitors side utilize the bullpen and the bleaches (fence entrance is been placed and area will be fenced off behind the bleaches).  The Bullpen on the Visitors side will be the designated for Pitcher Warm-up for BOTH TEAMS. 

                                >>Diamond 3; Will be provided once finalized


PLAYERS MUST WEAR THEIR MASKS WHEN IN THE DUGOUT AREAS and can only remove them when they are up for bat and wearing their helmets and when they are on defense.     

>>Players should have their OWN helmet & Bat.  There are plenty of Helmets upstairs and they are welcome to take one…..IF share bats (team bats, NOT other players) the bat will need to be sanitized after use (see disinfection list)

>>Each team must provide their own game balls.   Everyone was given sufficient game balls to cover all of their games.   Please utilize the NEW ball as the Game ball and use TWO other good balls for back up.  Designated coach is to hold the balls for game play.   After each half inning of ball use, designated coach MUST sanitize the balls and have them ready from when your team takes the field on the next inning.

>>Umpires / JO’s will officiate the game per USA Softball umpire mechanics, socially distancing whenever possible and are always to wear a face covering per Massachusetts COVID-19 Order #31.  Umpires will NOT handle game balls or touch any bats (be sure a coach grabs the bat after the play is determine completed. 

>> Coach pre-game meeting with umpire will consist of one adult coach per team and must stay 6 feet apart.

>>Mound visits are ONLY for injuries and substitutions (except for C division, follow regular rules) and are to involve only the pitcher, catcher and coach all using social distancing measures.  Coach is to be on the first/third side of the pitcher’s circle while the pitcher and catcher are on the opposite side.  NO other defensive conferences will be allowed.

>>BASE coaches MUST stay six feet from a runner they wish to talk to during or after suspension of play.

>>Pitchers will not be allowed to lick their fingers.






Manager/Coaches / Misc.

>> Coaches are reminded that the following information MUST be put on your scoring book;

                >Players name (do not use nicknames, must match the rosters)

>Coaches names that were on the field (on the bottom)

                >Who pitched the inning on the top of each inning (per ASA)

>You must take a copy of the book (both yours and your opponent) and email/text it to your division Rep. 

                >>C-Division Russel McAfee

                >>B-Division Eric Johnson

                >>AAA- Division Marc Dean

                >>A-Division Joe Andrade

>> Coaches MUST wear a Mask during games and on the field per Massachusetts COVID-19 Order #31

>>You are limited to a max of 4 coaches on the field….NO EXCEPTIONS.

                                >> Manager / Coach to oversee the game

>>Coach #2 to assist Manager/Coach in charge and to assure that game is moving along.  PLEASE be organized so not to hold off your game, players should go on and off the field quickly, there should be no more than 5 minute laps between each half inning….be organize and you will have more playing time….Score keeper

>>Coach #3   Must be designated to disinfect when needed including but not limited to bats after use, game balls, foul balls when returned, disinfect any surface as needed including disinfect the bleaches/dugouts were players seat.  NOTE;  YOU MUST SIGN OUT AND IN THE DISENFECTIVE BOTTLE AND RAG IN THE CONCESSION STAND PRIOR TO YOUR GAME.

>>Coach #4  IS designated to control distance protocol.   Coach must assure that players are in their right spots, assist with their equipment if needed, assure that they have their mask on when not playing, assure that spectators are not near the “no standing areas” and assist if needed Coach #3.




ALL surfaces thru out the complex, especially those that have more traffic will be disinfected and logged according to guidelines.  Disinfecting spray bottles will be stored in the concession stand and logged accordingly.   ALL teams must assure the safety of all players, coaches and spectators.   IF anyone is breaking social distance and guidelines please report by emailing the leagues President at [email protected].




Bay State Girls Softball along with the direction of the State of Massachusetts Phase 3, Step 1 regulations, the City of New Bedford, New Bedford Health Department and USA Softball have taken measures to assure the safety of all participants.  These guidelines and regulations is for your safety and the safety of others, you might not agree or feel that it is overdone but understand that they must be follow by all. 

Further, we ask that any player(s), Coach(s) or Spectators that are not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms of possible exposure to COVID-19, such as fever, should NOT attend the game until such time as the player, coach or spectator has been tested and/or cleared.  ANY individual who is a member of Bay State Girls Softball League who tests positive must notify the league at once by emailing the president at [email protected] and [email protected].

We also remind families who travel during the season on states (hot spots) not listed on the states website that they must obey by state law in regards to self- quarantine for 14 days.  This means you cannot participate in practices or games.   Most states in New England are exempt from this guideline, please check the states website below for more information.


Bay State Girls softball reserves the right to remove any spectator, player, coach that is not following protocol from our facilities. 

Any questions, concerns may be send in writing to the league either via email to [email protected] or by mail to the following address;

Bay State Girls Softball League

P.O. BOX 30162

Acushnet, MA 02743                      





Bay State Girls Softball League
P.O. Box 30162 
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