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Early Soccer Registration is OPEN k-12th Grade Fall 2024 Soccer Season (Sept.-Nov.)

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Apr, 2024

Soccer Rules and Reminders For All

Soccer Rules and Reminders For All:

* If you borrow players to field a team (regular season), the team borrowing takes the automatic loss, but the game will proceed. See additional Rules for borrowing.

*Goalie, the opposing team cannot kick the goalie when they have (possession) hands on the ball. The goal doesn’t count, and refs will make a call depending on the action.

*Parking, vehicles may be towed if blocking or parking is a hazard (see signs).

*At game Kick off, any player must first come in contact with the ball after the kickoff to count as a goal (its and indirect kick and not a direct kick).

*Field Supervisors Kevin, Ali, Lilly and Liam will be monitoring CCYS events as support for refs, coaches and players, spectators etc(among other tasks) with yellow and red cards. Cards can be given before, during and after games by the head field supervisor and or head refs.

*Yellow card (for a player) is 2 minutes out of the game (player must immediately return to his/her coaches’ area. Third yellow is a red and player must sit out the game and half of the next. A substitute is allowed (from your team).

*Red card (for a player), player is out of the game and no replacement sub allowed. Player will be out a full 60 minutes of play time (goes over into next games) and or not eligible to play in tournaments/games until the CCYS sports committee reviews the case.

*Yellow card for a coach, coach must leave the field for 30 minutes (time does transfer over to the next game).

*Red card for a coach, coach will be replaced by an assistant coach and or Kevin/Ali Dubisar to continue the game. The red carded coach must leave the property for the season and cannot return until the Sports Committee completes a full review.

*Red card for spectator(s), spectator must leave the property for the season and cannot return until the Sports Committee completed a full review. Most cases this person will be trespassed. Cards may be given before, during and or after games which will carry over.

*k-3rd Grade Teams can only sub during the 2-minute breaks between quarters *Unless the ref calls the player off due to an injury/medical* (no shoe tying, water etc).

*4th-12th Grade Teams sub by having the player on the half field line. When it’s your ball and dead, the ref will call the player on/off (when the ref is ready). The team that doesn’t have the ball cannot sub until they do have it on a dead ball and or if the opposing teams subbing at the same time. No subbing the last two minutes of the game.

*Injury, if the ref calls the Coach onto the field due to an injury, the injured player should be subbed out for a minimum of two minutes for screening.

*Games will start on time so don’t be late. If your late, you’ll have less playing time. Have the correct full uniform on and be ready to play. Practice, participation and sportsmanship matter.

*No Dogs, Smoking or Drugs on any of the property, you'll be required to leave and not come back. 

*Only the players on our CCYS roster (for your individual team) should be playing in your game. If you don’t have enough to field a team then you could see if the opposing team could share or if you’ll be playing down players to match such as 7v7 with the k-6th or 9v9,10v10 with the 7th grade and up. Teams are not required to play down but it is good sportsmanship. (Players cannot skip a game to play on another’s team). If a coach borrows a player, the player must be subbed out when the original team player(s) arrives. Rostered players cannot sit out and watch borrowed players compete. If a player is injured and cannot play, then that player should be sitting with the spectators (unless he/she attends for team support). All teams have a cap so everyone’s in the same boat.

*If a team is a no show or intentionally forfeits a regular season game, they may not play in the end of season tournament. 

*Games, practice, scrimmages, practice location and training are only covered when pre-approved (insurance and legally).

*Games/scrimmages cannot be played against teams that are not part of our league (must be pre-approved and on the schedule). If a team does have a scrimmage, a combined practice or unapproved game with a non CCYS team, that team may not play in the tournament and any regular scheduled season games will go down as an automatic loss/forfeit. The adults/coaches/players involved will not be covered by our insurance and they would be held liable.  

*When the season schedule comes out, we don't cancel or reschedule (all games are played rain or shine)  

See our Facebook/website for more detail. This is just a little reminder for all. 


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