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Eel River Little League since 1957!



Coach Pitch is for players league age 5 & 6.  Rookie League is for players league age 7 & 8.

Age charts and cut off are determined by Little League International. 

Teams are formed towards the End of April with registrations being accepted untill then. Games run thru the month of May - less rain hopefully! Coaches will notify their players after teams are put together at the end of April.  All players are placed on a team with no assessment needed.   

Q: How old to play Tee-ball?

A: Unfortunately we will not be hosting a T-Ball division this year(2021).

How old to play Coach Pitch/Rookie League? 

A: Ages 5 - 8 years of age. If your child is still 6 and has played at least a year of Tee-ball or Coach Pitch and you feel he/she is ready for Rookie League (machine pitching), sign them up for Rookie League.

Q: Who do I call about when, where and who my child is playing for?

A: Your coach will contact you as soon as the teams are organized. Mid April is about when teams are formed.  When coaches are given a full team, they will contact you with all the information you will need. Games are played in May. 

Q: When and where are Tee ball/Coach Pitch/Rookie League games?

A: Games are held Mon/Tue/Wed/Thursdays and an occasional Sat. Times can be from 5:30 - 7pm. Times and schedules are subject to change and it depends on the coaches and organizers during that season and how many teams there are. Games are played at Newburg Park and Rohner Park. Games are played in May.


Rookie League is for ages 7 to 8. Games are held Evenings with an occasional Saturday. It is exclusively machine pitch - player pitching may be introduced.  


Tryouts are held at the minor and major levels. Games are held Tues/Thurs/Saturdays.  

Q. What are the Minors ages

A. Minor ages are from 8 to 11 yrs, age 8 will only be put on Minors after attending tryouts and being drafted according to skill level. 

Q. What are the Majors ages? 

A. Majors ages are from 10 to 12.  


The Senior League Baseball Division is for boys and girls 13-16 years old, using a conventional 90-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 60 feet, 6 inches. 

General Questions/Answers:

We do our best to honor team requests (with a specific player or coach) at the Coach Pitch and Rookie Levels. Minors and Majors are done by a draft system and the only exception would be siblings should they move up. Once teams are drafted and practices start, those teams are set.  

Q: How do I figure my child’s age for Little League purposes?

A: See the current year age chart. 

Q. Are there still going to be "Town Teams"?

A. Children are placed on teams that are close to their residence as much as possible from the Coach Pitch level up to the minor level unless otherwise requested. If there are enough players in say, Rio Dell, Loleta or Ferndale, then there will be a town team for those areas. They will remain on these teams year to year unless othewise requested. In the past we've also tried to accommodate in this way in the Majors. It is not always possible.

Q: Can I help my child’s team at practices or games?

A: Only volunteers that have filled out a Volunteer Application (See Forms & Handouts Page) and have been approved are allowed to help at practices and games. Volunteers are carefully screened and approved to provide the best protection for players.

Q: I filled out a volunteer form last year. Do I need to fill one out this year?

A: Yes.  Little League requires a new volunteer application every year.

Q: When is the last day of Registration?

A: Generally, Registration closes March 1st for Baseball/Rookie League. Coach Pitch registration can be accepted until March 30th. Sometimes Registration is extended. 

If you have any other questions, please email: [email protected]

Q: What kind of equipment will my child need?

A: All players will need a glove to participate.  Due to COVID, there may be other individual equipment needs for the 2021 season.  At this time, it is strongly recommended that each player has their own batting helmet and USABaseball approved bat to limit shared equipment.  If you have questions on gear, please research or ask for guidance, especially with bats as we do not want you to buy gear that does not fit your player. 

Q: Why do I have to show a state certified copy of a birth certificate?

A: Little League International rules require proof of age be obtained for regular season and All-Stars. Information on obtaining your players certified birth certificate can be found at: In a pinch, you may be able to obtain a copy from your child's school office.

Q: What is All-Stars?

A: All-Star teams are formed for players at the end of the Majors and Seniors seasons.  Players are nominated by their peers to attend an evaluation or to be voted on by the Major Managers. This is very competitive post-season play, which may extend to play in the District tournament. Teams have the potential to continue play and progress to State, Divisional, Regional, and World Series Tournaments.

To receive updated information like our facebook page Otherwise check back often.  

Softball Alert 

Eel River Little League does not provide a softball program. Contact Humboldt Fast Pitch for info regarding sign-ups and league fees. Girls are welcome and encouraged to sign up for baseball! or [email protected]