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Placer Jr Hillmen Football and Cheer

Board Duties & Responsibilities

This is a brief list of some of the duties & responsibility of each Board position. In addition to these specific duties and responsibilities each Director is expected to participate as fully as possible in all activities sponsored by PJH.


Conduct the business of the Association and oversee all other Board members and their responsibilities while still allowing them to function within their scope of responsibility. Will designate the meeting times of the Association and conduct the meetings in an orderly and productive fashion. Will act as the designated representative to SYF which is our governing body.  Attend all SYF meetings and functions or send a designated representative. Will act as the designated representative to all other SYF Associations. Will maintain and have at his/her access an inventory of the Association’s historical records and the ability to provide them to any qualified agency or persons upon request. Will oversee, recruit & manage all Football coaching positions.  Will provide direct supervision of practice times and game day activities.

Vice President

Assist the President in his/her job functions and fulfill his/her responsibilities in his/her absence. Assist the President in direct supervision of practice times and game day activities. Responsible for the weekly newsletter during the season, orientation pamphlet, and the production of the annual Game Day Program. 

Operations Director

Will prepare registration packets prior to the beginning of each season. Will  compile and maintain each participants records for certification.  Will maintain the database for the organization.  Will arrange for certification photos, team pictures and action photos. Function to keep the Board of Directors on an appropriate time-line as the season progresses. Will secure on behalf of the
organization practice and playing fields.


Maintain, or cause to be maintained correct books and records of the properties and business transactions of the Corporation & Association. Will be responsible for the collection and accounting & depositing of all monies and expenses incurred during functions of the Association. Will pay all bills on behalf of the Corporation and file all tax related documents. Keep records concerning all monies paid by participants for fees, equipment deposits and fund-raising.


Will prepare agendas and minutes for all regular meetings and special meetings held by the Association. Will be responsible for contacting Board members prior to a scheduled meeting to verify place and time either in writing or by phone. Will collect and disperse all correspondence received by the Association. Will be responsible to document all phone messages and either respond or forward messages to the appropriate Director and maintain the hotline and keep it up to date. Will be the keeper of the Corporate Seal and Articles of Incorporation.

Cheerleading Coordinator

Will oversee, recruit & manage all Cheer coaching positions.  Will oversee all aspects of the Cheer Program. Will organize & hold an annual Cheer Clinic prior to registration for the season. Will work with the Operations Director to ensure that all Cheer participants are properly registered and certified. Will manage the ordering, distribution & return of Cheer uniforms.  Will keep the Board apprised of Cheer activities. Will provide the Board a budget for proposed Cheer expenses.

Assistant Cheerleading Coordinator

Will assist the Cheer Coordinator in the performance of his/her duties.

Health & Safety Director

Will provide for the staffing of medical personnel at all football & cheer practices as outlined by SYF. Will provide Game Day Medical Staff as outlined by SYF. Will maintain all medical gear and supplies. Will provide medical staff for the pre-season Medical Clinic.

Assistant Health & Safety Director

Will assist the Health and Safety Director in the performance of his/her duties.

Special Events Coordinator

Plan & implement special events throughout the year such as EQ Handout, Parent Meeting, PJH Potluck Night, Picture Day, Spirit Day Activities, Year-end Awards Ceremony and ordering year-end trophies and awards.

Team Parent Coordinator

Will recruit parent volunteers for game day positions as well as positions necessary for fundraisers, equipment hand out and other association sponsored football & cheer events. Will recruit and assign parents to the positions of Team Parent for Football & Cheer. Will update phone calling sheets for the Team Parents. Will hold pre-season PAR training.

Snack Bar Director

Will supervise the overall set up and operation of the snack bar during game days. Will order supplies for the snack bar.  Will help to coordinate food for other football & cheer activities of PJH.

Assistant Snack Bar Director

Will assist the Snack Bar Director in the performance of his/her duties.

Fundraising Director                                                                                                                                                                                        
Will research & suggest to the Board fund raising activities for the season. Will implement and supervise Board approved Fundraisers.  Will notify the media of Fundraising activities and other association activities of interest to the community.

Publicity Director                          

Will research and suggest to the Board all items to be sold at the promotion table at our practices, home games, and other events. Will supervise the overall set up and operation of the promotion table. Will order, keep inventory, and store all items.

Equipment Manager

Will inventory and store all football equipment at season end.  Will send equipment for regular and necessary inspection.  Will maintain equipment in good working order. Will manage the ordering, distribution & return of football uniforms & gear. Will provide the Board a budget for proposed football equipment expenses. Will provide for “on Field” equipment repair & replacement during the season. Provide game day water to players and coaching staff. Will recruit at least one parent per squad to act as team equipment managers.

High School Liaison           

Will Facilitate the relationship between Placer High School Football and Placer Jr Hillmen

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