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In 2018, Little League International changed its Bat Regulations to the USA Baseball Standards. 

Which means a lot of parents were scrambling to replace their kid's bats in time for the 2018 Season.

If you are new to Youth Baseball and Softball, or need a refresher, here is what you need to know before you purchase a new bat.

1. The USA Baseball Standards apply ONLY TO BASEBALL. If you have registered your daughter for Little League Softball, the same old standards apply. See the chart below for the LLI regulations.
2. The USA Baseball logo MUST be visible on EVERY BASEBALL BAT used in divisions where players are ages 12 and below.  For Tee Ball, (DLL labels this division as Coach Pitch), the logo AND THE PHRASE "only for use with approved tee balls" MUST be visible on the bat. The Junior Division for ages 13+ may still use the BBCOR standard bats as well as the new USA BAT.

3. SOFTBALL BATS will say SOFTBALL on them somewhere. They will also be marked with BPF1.20. All softball bats MUST be 2 1/4" barrel. Length is determined by division. See chart below.

4. When you purchase a bat, and are unsure if it's correct, please, please, please, DO NOT UNWRAP IT, bring it to a board member for verification first. If it's the wrong one and it's still wrapped, you'll be able to return/exchange it. Once you unwrap a bat - it's yours. No store will return or exchange it. (That I'm aware of, at least.)

5. Softball bats and Baseball bats ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. Safety regulations are set based on the performance of the ball hitting the bat. There is a big difference between a baseball and a softball. For the safety of everyone's children, please do not allow your child to use the wrong bat.

The chart below gives you the length and diameter regulations for each division. 
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