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Rookie Tackle was created to introduce tackle football to younger players, and was created with input from youth football league leaders throughout the United States, who have modified the rules of the game based on player development.

“Rookie  Tackle” is a “bridge-game” between flag and 11 player tackle that creates a best – practice pathway that allows youngsters to get a feel for the great game of football by playing a number of different positions in every game, two point stances, no “special teams”, and with coaches on the field helping to instruct, inform and encourage each kid out there.

What a great way to get a better coach-to-player ratio going, at an early stage, to work on the solid fundamentals of the game.  And, what a great way for parents to feel comfortable about their child’s transition into tackle football at a well run, safe and all-inclusive level.


  • Fosters Participation: Allows leagues with limited registered players to field more teams.
  • Players Rotate Positions: Participants rotate and learn multiple positions and skills on offensive and defense.
  • Smaller Fields: Scaled to create an appropriate playing space for the age and abilities of younger athletes.
  • Maximize Field Space: Allows leagues to utilize field space more efficiently.
  • Smaller Rosters: Provides a greater coach-to-player ratio to foster individual attention and skill development.
  • Increased Activity: Rule modifications result in more snaps on offense and defense for younger players.


And for more information on “Rookie Tackle “ Football, see the USA Football website at

USA Football Rookie Tackle Video