Juniors All Star Tournaments- District, Sectional & State

District 17 is hosting Section 2 and SoCal State Tournaments

Link to all CA District 17 Hosted Tournaments

District 17 Juniors All-Star Tournament  

District 17 Juniors Bracket

Section 2 Juniors All-Star Tournament

Hosted by District 17/Santa Anita Little League

Section 2 Juniors Bracket 2021

District 16
District 17
District 40
District 51

All Section 2 Games at Bonita Park

SoCal State Juniors All-Star Tournament (CA Southern)

Hosted by District 17/Santa Anita Little League

SoCal Juniors State Tournament Bracket

Section 1 thru 10

Games at Bonita Park (SALL1 ) and San Marino High School (SMHS VAR)

2021 All-star Tournament Brackets and Schedules

See this link for District 17 Tournaments:

D17 Brackets, Game Dates & Fields

Winners from District 17 advance to Section 2 tournament, info on Sectionals here on D51 website

All-star tournament hosts and locations

D17 All-Star Tournament Hosts & Locations

Tournament Host Field Number of Teams
Futures SMLL Heasley 6
8/9/10 PSWLL Allendale Park 9
10/11/12 SALL Lojeski Field 8
9/10/11 PALL Victory Park 6
Juniors SALL Bonita Park 5

Click on D17 Leagues Tab for addresses

Juniors All-star Tournament Location

Host: Santa Anita Little League
Field:  Bonita Park
120 S 2nd Ave, Arcadia, CA 91006

2021 Sectional and State Tournaments will be hosted at Bonita this year

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