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Team Formation through Evaluations
Each June, MSC holds player evaluations. Players are evaluated by qualified individuals based on the child’s individual skill in areas such as soccer skills, knowledge of the game, and athleticism. However, coaches and evaluators also look at less tangible items such as “coachability”, team chemistry, desire to play, and the ability to be punctual, prepared, and present at practices and games.

In order to help ensure skill is appropriately placed, and the maximum number of teams get formed, all players, birth year 2011 and older, should attend evaluations – regardless of what level of team they participated on previously. This includes all East Side players. While players can be added to East Side teams without being evaluated, all players interested in a competitive level of play are required to go through the evaluation process to be placed on a WSSL or CASL team.

All players must register through MSC’s registration system.

Note: Registrations for 2nd grade and older will not be charged until the player is added to a team. Player fees are dependent on the team's level of play. Therefore, players will receive an email notification when the player has been placed on a team, at which time the player will need to accept the position and pay the player team fee.

If there are enough players at appropriate skill levels in any age group, multiple teams will be formed. In the case of multiple teams, MSC and the coach(es) will select an “A” team of the most skillful players, followed by a “B” team of the next group of most skilled players, etc. until all teams are formed.

Teams will be placed in the level of play (WSSL, CASL, or East Side) that MSC and the coach(es) agree is appropriate for the team and its players. Due to this team formation process, requests for placement with friends/family may not be considered.

What To Expect At Evaluations
All players must register online for evaluations prior to arrival at the fields.

Players should arrive 15 minutes before the start of the evaluation, dressed to play and bring a ball and water. When players check-in at evaluations, they will be assigned a number to wear for identification on evaluation sheets (please do not have the child where any clothing with their name or number on it). Evaluators will not see player names during the evaluation process - only numbers. If your child has a medical condition that the coach or evaluators should now about, please communicate it at check in.

Groups will be formed and players will be asked to demonstrate soccer and physical abilities in several areas. These may include juggling, passing and receiving ground and air balls, 1v1 attack and defense, dribbling under control, finishing, sprint speed, etc.

Players will also be placed in game-like conditions to evaluate effectiveness, movement off the ball, combination play, and teamwork. A team of evaluators will assign scores to the players and the head coach will compile the information. At the conclusion of the evaluations, the coach(es) will form the teams and contact players/parents. Notification may happen by phone or email. The coach will be accessible to provide feedback or discuss soccer options for players not selected for a team. Please ask if you desire additional information.

Evaluation Schedule for June 2019

Rayner Park
738 E Ash St.
Mason, MI 48854
6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

7:30 - 9:00 p.m.

JUNE 17, 2019

GIRLS: U9 (2011)
GIRLS: U10 (2010)

BOYS: U9 (2011)
BOYS: U10 (2010)

JUNE 18, 2019

GIRLS: U11 (2009)
GIRLS: U12 (2008)

BOYS: U11 (2009)
BOYS: U12 (2008)

JUNE 19, 2019

GIRLS: U13 (2007)
GIRLS: U14/15 (2005 & 2006)

BOYS: U13 (2007)
BOYS: U14/15 NHS (2005 & 2006)
GIRLS: U16 & U19 (2004 & 2000)

Our Commitment, Your Support

The evaluation process, like the soccer season, can be stressful for everyone involved; players want to show their best, evaluators want to provide accurate assessments, parents want their child to do well, and coaches want to be fair in their selection and development of the players for the team. MSC encourages all adults involved in the process to work together to help minimize the amount of stress on the players. MSC works with coaches to help them provide compassion and create a positive atmosphere. We talk to the evaluators about not being overly critical of one player mistake. We coach players to support each other as friends and possible teammates. We also encourage parents to help guide their child(ren) through the evaluation process and season, and keep in mind everyone is truly committed to doing the best possible in assessing talent, forming teams, and delivering a fun, educational, and developmental season.
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