Due to Covid-19, we are playing only in the following divisions for Baseball and Softball; Little League and Senior League.  We will be posting schedules and results shortly.

D10-Waterford needs to defeat D4-Milford in the LLSB Championship twice tomorrow.  D4-Milford defeated D10-Waterford 5-3 today to win the Little League Softball Connecticut State Championship!

D4-Hamden defeats D10-Montville 12-1 to win the CT State Little League baseball championship.

For all of our fans that cannot make it to the games due to Covid and crowd control (we are limiting the crowd to parents of the participants), here is the link to the weekend games.
Livestream:  https://www.facebook.com/ctd1ll/live/
Thanks to Rob Adams and Shawn Sailer for their play by play of our games.

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