As of 7/31/19

Madison (D9) defeats Max Sinoway (D4) 6-0 in the championship game.  Follow Madison in Bristol (D5) as they vie for a spot in Williamsport.  Follow them here.

Fairfield American (D2) is the 8-10 Baseball State Champion.  Follow them here at the regional invitational in Rhode Island.

Milford (D4) is in the Little League Softball Regional title game vs Pennsylvania.  Follow them here in Bristol (D5) at the Regional. 

Wallingford (D5) wins 8-10 Softball State Championship.  Good luck at the regional invitational.  Follow them here.

Fairfield National (D2) wins the 9-11 Baseball State Championship.  Great summer of baseball boys!

We've crowned our Junior League baseball State champion.  Congrats to Plainfield (D11).  Follow them here at the regional.

Ledyard (D10) wins Senior Softball state championship.  Follow them here at the regional.

Fairfield (D2) wins the Junior League Softball title.  Follow them here in Orange (D4) at the Regional.

Senior League Baseball State Champion is Stamford (D1). Follow them at the regional here.

9-11 Softball State Champions is Fairfield (D2).  Congrats on a great tourney run.

Our 50/70 (Intermediate) Baseball state champion is New London/Mystic (D10).  Follow them here at the regional.

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