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NLL worked with the City of Houston and HPARD 2019 and 2020 to help make some much needed improvements to the Ewan Chew Park - Weber Field.  Together we did the following improvements:

1) Fixed the sidewalk / walking trail behind home plate making it safe and usable for all park pedestrians.  

2) Replaced the water fountain and moved it to a better location.

3) Installed 2 new baseball field gates for better safety and ease onto the field. 

    1 gate located in the dugout by the batting cages and the other gate located by 1st base just past the dugout.

4) Installed new and much improved dugouts with higher fence and cover to ensure safety for all coaches and players.

Future Improves in Progress:

Weber Field-Erwan Chew Park
1) New Batting Cage - proposing the installation of a new batting cage just behind the current existing batting cage

2) Replacing and expanding the current batting cage 

3) Fencing off the area by the Blue Storage container including the flag pole and the electrical box. 

4) Bleacher Cover over the large bleachers 

West Gray Park - MMSC
1) New 8x8 storage shed 

NLL estimates these improves to be around $55,000 to $65,000. If you would like to help financially or with the improvements themselves, please contact Shannon Petrick @ [email protected] or [email protected]  Your help and dedication to NLL and its amazing community is greatly appreciated.  We couldn't do it with out people like you.  

Field Status

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Weber (02:48 PM | 10/09/19)

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Batting Cage (11:51 PM | 02/21/18)

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Field (06:49 PM | 02/07/20)

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Carnegie Vanguard HS (02:48 PM | 10/09/19)

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MMSC (02:24 PM | 10/09/19)

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Field (10:45 AM | 02/26/20)

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Pin Oak Field (01:09 PM | 01/27/21)

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WESTBURY (01:09 PM | 01/27/21)

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Field (05:03 PM | 02/25/20)