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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What division should I register my child for?

In general, the divisions will break down by age as follows:

Tee ball - 6 and under - also first time players
AAA/Coach Pitch - 7 and 8
Minors/Player pitch -  9 and 10
Majors - 11 and 12
Juniors -13 and 14

If your child has never played before and is 7 or 8, they may need a year of tee ball prior to playing AAA. If your child has never played before and they are 9, they may do well with a year of AAA/coach pitch, instead of moving directly into minors/player pitch.

NOTE: Normally children can be evaluated in the Spring clinics (March). If evaluators identify that your player is signed up for the incorrect division, all attempts will be made to get them put in the appropriate division.

When does the season start and end?
Spring: April 1st through June 30th - Practices start outside on April 1st. Games usually start mid April (Saturday after Easter). Games end around June 20th (when public schools are done).

Fall: September 1st through October 31st. 

How many games does my child play?
The season is scheduled so each team gets 10-12 games. There may be more or less games played, based on weather.

What days are practices and games?
Each team has to get in approximately 12 games in a 2 month span. That means sometimes they will have 1 game per week and other times they will have 2 or even 3.

During the first 2-3 weeks of the Spring season, teams will practice 2 times per week. Older aged teams practice more than younger players. Once games begin, the number of practices are cut down as teams will be having both games and practices during the week.

Normally Saturday are game days, with other games held during the week. Practices are on the weekdays.

We do not know what days practices will fall on. This all depends on the number of teams in our league, and the availability of fields and coaches. 

Why can't my 15/16 year old play Little League?
Although some Little League's offer a "Senior" division, SWLL has not had enough enrollment at that age level for a number of years. We have discontinued the division. If there is more interest and we can get a team together, we will do that. At this point though, SWLL and also surrounding towns that we play, do not have any teams at that level.

In the past, 4 year olds have been able to play tee ball. Why can't I sign up my 4 year old?
It has been decided that 4 year olds are not eligible to play tee ball. Don't worry, your child will still have plenty of time to play baseball, starting at 5 years old. We may be looking into a different program for younger players (like kickball/wiffle ball) that will get the kids out on the field.

I have never coached before but I am interested...can I still coach?
Anyone can coach!!! We need all the help we can get.

The most important thing is that you are involved with your children. You don't have to know a lot about baseball, just need to be willing to get out there and help. That is step 1.

We will have a coaching clinic prior to the season starting. In that meeting, we can go over drills, practice plans, etc. Any questions you have regarding coaching can be sent to [email protected].

SWLL will also sponsor a handful of coaches per year for the Rutgers coaches certification class.

What can I do to help out/volunteer?
Volunteers can do a number of things to help out the league.

Coaching - see above
League administration - join the League Board and help out with running of the league
Field maintenance - anything from raking the fields after the game, lining the field before the game, helping with field maintenance prior to the season, etc.
Concession stand worker - during the season, selling snacks at the concession stand at Brookside
Opening day parade coordination - helping out during our parade or other events
Wantage Day/Sussex Day help - sit at our table during community events

Volunteering can be anything you can think of. If you have another idea in mind, please let us know.

I know someone who wants to be a sponsor. Who should they contact?
We are always in need of sponsors. Sponsorship fluctuates year to year. Some people come into the league while others leave as their children age out. If you know someone who would like to sponsor a team in the league, please email [email protected].

What do I get for bringing in a sponsor?
If you are able to bring in $500 of sponsorship for the season, you will get a $45 credit for registration. This credit is good one time per family, per season.

If you know of sponsors and can get them to sign up, please email [email protected]. We will review the sponsors and work on getting you the $45 credited to your account.

T-Mobile Call Up Grant
Did you know that families can be eligible for the T-Mobile Call Up Grant?

Please view the information at the following link:

If you qualify, T-Mobile will work with SWLL to pay the registration fee for the season for your child/children. Please apply online and if accepted, an email will be sent to SWLL administration. We will then reach out to you, to let you know that the application has been reviewed and accepted.

Please note that this grant is reviewed and accepted by T-Mobile. SWLL does not have any say in the acceptance or denial process.

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