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For those interested in becoming an umpire, please follow the link below and fill out:

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Rule 4.19(c)(1): The protesting manager shall immediately, and before any succeeding pitch is thrown or play begins, notify the umpire that the game is being played under protest because of misinterpretation or violation of a playing rule.
Rule 4.19(c)(2): Following such notice, the umpire shall consult with the other umpire(s). If the umpire is convinced that the decision is in conflict with the rules, the umpire shall reverse the decision. If, after consultation, the umpire is convinced that the decision is not in conflict with the rules, said umpire shall announce that the game is being played under protest. Failure of the umpire to make such announcement shall not affect the validity of the protest.
Rule 4.19(f): A committee composed of the League’s President, Player Agent, Umpire-in-Chief, and one or more other officers or directors who are not managers or umpires shall hear and resolve any such protest as above, including playing rules. If the protest is allowed, resume the game from the exact point when the infraction occurred.
A couple of things that are not noted here:
  • Confirmation of the protest being entered into the scorebook, ideally by the board member on duty. This must indicate the exact situation when the protest was lodged. Inning, score, outs, runners on base, count on the batter, and pitchers' of record's pitch-counts. 
  • A statement from the protesting manager if they lose the game.
  • A statement from the umpire.
  • In the case where the protesting manager wins the game any protest is ignored, the details of the protest should still be recorded for teaching purposes. 
  • Send all details to Steve Byrens and Greg Gaumer  as soon as possible. No ruling on the protest will be made without them. 
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