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Winter 21-22 League Rules


Winter League Rules




Ball Size: Per USA Basketball youth guidelines, the official ball size will be youth size 28.5 inch for 3rd/4th grade boys and girls divisions and 29.5 for 5th/6th grade boys division.


Rim Height: 3rd/4th grade girls, 3rd/4th grade boys and 5th/6th grade boys will play on regulation 10 ft. high goals.


Defense: Per USA Basketball youth guidelines, teams in the 3rd/4th grade division are required to play man-to-man defense and double teaming is not permitted. Teams in the 5th/6th grade division may play any defense of their choice but we suggest man-to-man defense.


Pressing: No full court press will be allowed in the 3rd/4th grade and 5th 6th grade developmental divisions until the last two minutes of each half. Full court press is permitted in the 5th/6th grade competitive games at any time.


Mercy Rule: No pressing will be allowed for any team 15 or more points ahead. The intent is that the ball will not be stolen prior to half court. There will be no violation if there is a stray pass made in transition and a turnover occurs.


Game Length: Length of games: 20 minute halves / running clock / clock stopped last two minutes of each half and during all timeouts / halftime will be approximately 5 minutes.


Timeouts: Timeouts per game are as follows: All age groups have 2 timeouts per half (a 30-second timeout and a full timeout). Any remaining timeouts do not carry over to the second half. Each team will get one additional full timeout per overtime period.


Overtime: One 2 minute overtime period will be played in the event of a tie in regulation. If after the overtime period the score is still tied, then a sudden death period will be played as necessary to break the tie. Each team will be given one additional time-out per overtime period.


Game Rosters: Game rosters must be turned into the official scorekeeper prior to each game. All players participating must be included on game rosters. Players cannot play on more than one team unless approved by Director or CB Board.


Scoring Table Help: One parent volunteer per team is encouraged at the scoring table to run the clock and/or paper score sheet. We ask that parents be “neutral” when performing this task.


Team Behavior: Teams are permitted only two (2) bench coaches for games. Coaches are required to stay off of the playing floor during the game. They should remain within the coach’s sideline and should at all times exhibit exemplary behavior toward the officials and players. First offense will result in a technical foul. Second offense will result in the ejection of the coach. If a coach is ejected from a game for any reason, the ejected coach will be suspended for the next game. If a coach is ejected a second game for any reason the ejected coach will be suspended for the rest of the season.


Coaches will not show unsporting behavior or argue calls. This will result in a technical foul. Only the Head Coach is allowed to stand during game.


Player Behavior: Any player may be given a technical foul or even ejected from a game for any of the following: unsportsmanlike-like conduct; disrespectful behavior to other players, coaches or referees; maliciousness; fighting; profanity; or any action that infringes upon the rights of others. The league and the referees have final say. Any player ejected from a game may not play in the next scheduled game.



All other PIAA basketball rules apply.


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