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Portage Lake Little League


Portage Lake Little League will be using a game scheduling software called Stack Officials to schedule softball and baseball games. The umpires will select games they would like to ump.

Email your son or daughters contact information (first name, Last name, email address) who are interested in umping to [email protected]
They will receive an email from stack officials to create a user account.

Please note: every ump must have a unique email address to create an account.

Once an account has been set up, they can select games that they would like to ump.

To select games, log in to stack officials website ( and search the calendar view for dates highlighted in blue-- these have active games.

Select a date.

Find a game you are interested in. select the "+" to the left of the game and game details will display.

Review game details: location, time, softball vs baseball, level of play (major or minor).

Select "home plate" or "bases" 
Select "accept"

You will receive an email confirmation for any games selected.

A 7-Year-Old Baseball Umpire! | KUQL Oldies

2024 Portage Lake Baseball-Minor & Major Rules
1) A team may start with less than 9 players, but must roster 9 players. Any missing players will be considered an automatic out each time. (If short players, you are encouraged to pull kids from another team or lower division for that game)
2) Batting order is the entire roster, not just the 9 or 10 in the field.
3) Bunting is allowed and encouraged. Each kid should be expected to lay down a bunt sometime during the season. (Sacrifice and for a base hit)
4) Maximum sit time per player is 2 innings, except in extra inning games. Every kid should play some complete games.
5) Minors only: 5 runs per inning for the first 4 innings. Unlimited runs
allowed per inning after 4 innings played. Plan your pitchers accordingly.
6) Runners can advance at their own peril on wild pitches and overthrown balls. This includes any ball that bounces off the catcher and lands anywhere on the ground. (any mishandled ball)
7) Minors only: No straight up stealing. If the pitch or throw back to the pitcher
is mishandled, the runners may advance at their own peril. No runner may advance if the ball hits the ground during pitch or throw back, but is fielded cleanly (fielded cleanly on a hop).
8) Catching and pitching in the same game. Check the rule book. (Cannot pitch if you catch in 4 or more innings.
Cannot catch if you pitch more than 40 pitches
Cannot return to catcher if the player plays the catching position for 3 innings or less, moves to pitcher and delivers 21 pitches or more)
9) Know the 2024 pitching rules and the rest period requirements! This is the coach’s responsibility and requires much thought to handle properly. (20 pitches can pitch the next day for example)
10) Mercy rule is after 4 complete innings if one team has a 10 run or more lead, the game is over.
11) All other rules in the little league rule book apply.
12) No new inning shall begin within 15 minutes of a scheduled game
following. (Playoffs: complete the game)

Softball Rules 2024