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Little League in New Britain began in 1958 when it was known as Bronson Heights Little League and was officially sanctioned by Little League International, whose headquarters were in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and are still there today. At this time, there were also two other leagues in New Britain - Fagan and Walicki. These two leagues were independent leagues and were not officially sanctioned by Little League International.At that time, Fagan and Walicki could be compared to that of the American and National League. They played separate season schedules, had their own playoffs, but then had a city championship series where the two champions from each league played against each other.In 1964, Bronson Heights Little League became known as New Britain Little League. Fagan and Walicki continued to exist as separate leagues in New Britain in addition to New Britain Little League. However, in 1972, Walicki and Fagan had conflicts with each other and they decided that they would no longer work together. It was at this time where Walicki merged with New Britain Little League to become known as Walicki - A.W. Stanley Little League and together, they became officially sanctioned by Little League International as one league.In 2009, Walicki - A.W. Stanley Little League once again became known as New Britain Little League and is still officially sanctioned by Little League International. New Britain Little League serves approximately 700 children per year and is the premier baseball and softball league in the city of New Britain.

Field Status

  • AW STANLEY PARK Updated:04.27.2017 06:51AM
  • AW1 (THE HOLE) Updated:04.27.2017 06:51AM
  • AW2 (TBALL AND COACH PITCH) Updated:04.27.2017 06:51AM
  • JEFFERSON FIELD Updated:04.27.2017 06:51AM
  • JEFFERSON PARK (SOFTBALL ONLY) Updated:04.27.2017 06:51AM
  • CHESLEY PARK Updated:04.25.2017 03:59PM
  • SOFTBALL FIELD Updated:04.25.2017 03:59PM
  • Walnut Hill Updated:04.24.2017 12:55PM
  • Field 1 Updated:03.28.2017 01:35PM
  • Field 2 Updated:04.27.2017 06:51AM

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