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Aug, 2020


COVID-19 Response Plan and Safety Protocols

Below are the preventative measures SRLL is planning to take in order to ensure we are able to have a successful season, while also working towards ensuring our players and community are safe. The health, safety and wellbeing of our members of the community is of the utmost importance. 

We feel it is important to ensure we are proactive and prepared.

1. Coaches’ / parents’ education — the overall success of SRLL’s Reopening plan is reliant on our coaches’ and parents’ focus on implementing and enforcing these safety protocols – we need everyone to take part to ensure we have a successful reopening and a positive season for our children and families. Each coach will be given a copy of the plan, stating SRLL’s expectations. 

2. On-Site Activity — There will be no activities on-field or in any ancillary spaces (e.g. bullpen, dugouts, foul territories) unrelated to practice or gameplay (i.e. no extra people hanging around).

3. Social Distancing — We will ask that only two (2) family members of each player attend the games or practices and we will require that masks are worn at all times by those attendees whenever they cannot be 6 feet away from any other person not in their party. The Board will work on a schedule to allow adequate time between games, so the players of the first game are able to leave the field before the players of a second game come on. Games will not be scheduled back-to-back as they are under normal circumstances.  This schedule will continue to be reviewed and adjusted as necessary.

4. Rules on the Field.  No parents in the dugout or on the field.  Dugouts will be taped off to facilitate distancing and players will be required to stay apart from one another, as marked by the tape.  Players must wear masks while in the dugout or coaching a base.  Mask must be worn whenever a player is not on the field or at bat.  No sharing of water bottles or food.  No handshaking. No High-fives. No chest bumps. No personal bags on the ground inside the dugout. Baseball bags can be hung behind a players spot. Players should have their own bat, helmet, glove, batting gloves, and catchers equipment (if they are a catcher). No equipment sharing  .No sunflower seeds, gum, or candy in the dugout or on the field. No spitting. Hand Sanitizer will be available in the dugout. Coaches and players should use it throughout the game.

5. Coaches — Coaches must agree that they will be transparent and forthcoming should they or a member of their family contract the COVID-19 virus, or if they had it and completed the 14-day quarantine period. SRLL will require that if they did contract COVID-19, they get a doctor’s clearance stating they are Covid-recovered.

6. No post game handshakes — Players will instead line up on either baseline and tip their caps to acknowledge a game well-played.  SRLL will remind parents, players and coaches to limit hand-to-hand interaction as much as possible. 

7. Masks — As per Governor Cuomo executive order, any person not wearing a mask/facialcovering will be denied access to the field.. All players, spectators, Board members, coaches and umpires will wear masks at all times, with exceptions made for certain coaching actions (e.g. throwing batting practice, demonstrating a drill or movement, speaking to a group of players at a distance, etc.). Any parent not following these guidelines will be asked to leave and their child removed from the game. No face coverings can be shared. 

8. Displaying symptoms or Confirmed infection —Child — if your child is displaying symptoms, SRLL asks that they stay away from the team until either 14 days have passed, and their symptoms have cleared up, or your medical professional has confirmed the symptoms are unrelated to Covid-19. Parent / Household Member — if someone in your household is displaying symptoms, we ask that you do not have the child or the adult attend team events until either; the child has had no symptoms for 14 days, the adult has had no symptoms for 14 days, or your medical provider has confirmed you do not have the illness. 

9. Communication — Coaches need to be informed if a player or a parent/household member is displaying symptoms or confirmed infection. We understand a family’s need for privacy regarding their health. However, due to the risks posed by the transmission of this illness, SRLL will inform teams involved with that player or a parent/household member of potential exposure. We will not share the name, or personal information, but simply inform the team and parents of the situation so they can monitor their own symptoms. 

10. Future guidance — As this situation continues to evolve, we will ensure our planning evolves as well. We will rely on prevailing guidance from the CDC and local officials to make decisions related to the cancellation of games, practices, or other events. If you require further information, please contact us at [email protected]

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