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Jun, 2021

District All Star and Little Star Pictures

Picture Day and Certification Day is this Saturday, June 19, 2021


Sep, 2020

Inducted into the National College Baseball Hall of Fame

Jason Varitek Becomes First Little League Baseball® World Series Graduate Inducted into the National College Baseball Hall of Fame


Jun, 2020

Explore The New Colors

The new, primary Little League® logo is made simply of two colors, red and blue. Together, these two hues represent our organization on many levels. Along with the primary logo, each of the three divisions of Little League hold their own, distinctive colors that tell a story about that program.


Jun, 2020

Game on San Diego... We did it!

GAME ON! We did it San Diego! Our mighty team of parents, coaches, professional athletes, and volunteers stepped up ......


Mar, 2020

Info on COVID-19

Communication regarding COVID-19


Jan, 2020

Little League Rule Book App

Now Available for the 2020 Season!


Jul, 2019


Jul, 2019

Little League International Remembers Louis Scrap Iron Baity Member of the First Little League

Little League® International mourns the passing of Clarence Louis Baity


May, 2018

Decertified Bats

USA Baseball Bat Standards

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