Texas East State Umpires

Texas East State Umpires are well trained volunteers who travel at their own expense. Each year, the District Administrators throughout the State submit the names of their finest and most proficient umpires to the Supervisor of Umpires for consideration to both the Texas East State Baseball and Softball Tournaments. Umpires are then selected, from this list, to serve at the Texas East State Tournaments. It is considered very much an honor to be selected to serve at the Texas East State Tournaments, just as it is to be selected for the SW Regional Tournaments and ultimately the Little League World Series. Please remember to treat all Texas East Umpires with the respect which they deserve.  

State Umpire's should submit the following to their District Administrator for review/approval:
1. State Application For 2020 
2. Little League Volunteer Form for 2020 
3. A copy of the Texas Drivers License 

Once approved, applications can be sent to the appropriate State Umpire-in-Chief:

John F. Paul
3491 Cedar Prairie Dr.
League City,TX 77573
281-382-3099 ( Cell Phone Number )

Rocky Vaclavick
140 Broadmoor 
Meadowlakes Texas 78654

Umpires wishing to apply for consideration to appointment to either a Regional Tournament or World Series in 2019 need to apply via the  Little League Umpire Registry

Thank you for your continued support of Little League.