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Congerville Eureka Goodfield Community Youth Recreation Association

Rules - Instructional

Congerville, Eureka, Goodfield Community Youth Recreation Association

Instructional League Rules
Boys & Girls Ages 7 & 8


  1. Teach fundamental skills such as hitting, throwing, fielding, and running.
  2. Begin teaching positions and what to do during various game situations while on offense or defense.
  3. Ensure the kids have fun.

 Game Length

There will be a 5 inning or one hour and 15 minute time limit on all Instructional games.  No new inning can begin after the one hour and 10 minute mark.


  1. Three outs or five runs scored will constitute an inning.
  2. No official score will be kept.
  3. The coach of each team will use a mechanical pitching machine to pitch to their team.  A parent or other adult fan can be assigned to run the pitching machine.
  4. All players will bat in a continuous order.  There will be no walks and a maximum of 10 quality pitches for a batter.  If the batter does not put the ball in play within the 10 pitch limit, this will constitute an out.  The batter has the option after 9 pitches to hit off a tee.  If a coach forgets to offer the player to use the tee after pitch 9, they shall be given the option as soon as realized.
  5. The batting orders to be used are to be changed for each game. This will insure the same person will not always bat first or bat last, and their number in the batting order will be varied.
  6. There will be no intentional bunting, lead offs, stealing, pinch hitting or infield fly rule.
  7. No balls or strikes will be called and the game can be stopped at anytime for instructional purposes.
  8. Runners may advance only one base on an overthrow.  No runner can score on an overthrow.  Runners cannot advance on consecutive overthrows.
  9. When the ball is hit into the outfield, the batter may run the bases until the ball is returned to the infield. At that time, the runner must stop at the base he/she is at or if he/she is advancing to the next base already, he/she may continue to the next base.
  10. If the defensive player has control of the ball before the base runner reaches the base, the base runner must avoid contact by sliding or running to either side of the defensive player (remaining in the base path - 3 feet to either side of the base line).  Jumping over a defensive player will not be allowed. If the base runner makes contact with the defensive player or runs outside of the base path, the base runner will be called out.


  1. Ten players will play defense.
  2. The infield will have 1 player per infield positions – pitcher, catcher, third base, shortstop, second base, first base.
  3. The outfield will have 4 evenly spaced players in the outfield grass.
  4. All positions will be switched each inning.
  5. A player cannot sit out more than one consecutive inning unless they are injured.
  6. The "Pitcher" may play anywhere within 3 - 10 feet of the pitcher, but not in front of the pitcher.
  7. All players must wear gloves.
  8. The catcher may wear a fielder’s glove or catcher’s mitt.
  9. Coaches and parents may help defense in the field.
  10. No hidden ball tricks.
  11. A defensive player may not block a base or home plate without control of the ball or make a fake tag. If the player does, they will be called for obstruction and the runner will be awarded the base.


At the conclusion of each game, all players will line up along the first and third base lines and shake hands.

 Equipment and Field

  1. All batters and base runners must wear protective headgear. Only the next batter will be allowed out of the dugout and he/she must also be wearing protective headgear.
  2. All boys must wear a protective cup.
  3. Base distance shall be 60 feet.
  4. Instructional teams will use a soft, safety baseball.
  5. There are no assigned umpires in Instructional baseball.  Coaches shall serve as umpires.
  6. A mechanical pitching machine will be used for all pitching.  Only adults will operate the pitching machine.
  7. A tee will be provided for those batters electing to use it after pitch 9 but before pitch 10.
  8. If an orange safety base is present at first base, runners will use it unless taking extra bases.  If they are taking extra bases then they will use the white base.

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