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Coaches Code Of Conduct


Coaches -
Thank you for volunteering to coach a team, in house or travel, for CEGCYRA. Our programs could not take place
without our volunteer coaches. We would like to thank you in advance for all the hours you will put into coaching,
teaching and mentoring these young men/women. As a board, we want to share the vision of CEGCYRA with each of
Please review, sign and share this with your players and parents.

Your job as a coach is to work with and develop EVERY SINGLE PLAYER on your team not just the player(s)
that appear to be the most talented. We ask that you work equally with all players keeping in mind that we are
building a program that allows all players at all talent levels opportunities to learn, grow and develop a love for
the game.

CEGCYRA in house teams are deigned to allow equal play time for all players. Please make every effort to play
all players as equally as possible. One player is not allowed the play the entire game unless a team has just
enough players to play a game or a player becomes injured during a game.

CEGCYRA travel teams are meant to be more competitive in nature. Therefore, playing time IS NOT equal.
However, we do ask that each player gets to play every regular season game. We are asking that you make this
playing time meaningful and not the last 14 seconds of a quarter, the last 50 seconds of the game, match point
in volleyball, etc.

While it is understood that tournament games are played to win, and all players may not get equal play time, the
board asks that coaches play all players at some point during all tournaments. This allows all players the
tournament experience since they all paid dues and have family traveling to support the team.

Playing time for players is based on the effort they are putting forth in practices and games. If you have a
player who frequently misses practices (unexcused), doesn't show up to games, messes around during practices,
does not respond to coaching attempts, doesn’t hustle, doesn't listen, down talks teammates, shows a bad
attitude, etc. then their playing time should be limited. This must be handled equally for all players. If any of
the above are persistent problems, speak directly to the player and to their parents. Do not wait for a
problem to arise and/or a parent confrontation. Please work to improve the situation as soon as possible.

If a player continues to display unsportsmanlike conduct at practice or games after the coaches have talked
with her/him, we ask that you limit their playing time significantly for a game or two. Explain to the player why
this is happening. Good sportsmanship is expected by all players at all times.

CEGCYRA is a reflection of the Congerville/Eureka/Goodfield School District and community. We ask that all
coaches conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all home and away games. Furthermore, we ask that all
parents do the same. Coaches and parents are asked to refrain from yelling negatively at the players, coaches
and/or referees and to refrain from using profanity at any time during the season.

Regardless of the outcome of a game, all coaches and players are expected to shake hands with their opponent.
No inappropriate behavior or language directed at players/referees/coaches will be tolerated.

If you ever question how you should handle discipline, play time, etc. please think of how you would want
another coach to handle your child. Using this approach usually makes situations much clearer. The CEGCYRA
director and board members will be available if a situation arises that you need assistance with.

By clicking Accept you are agreeing that I have read and understand the above vision statements for CEGCYRA and agree to uphold them to the best of my ability and understand the CEGCYRA board has the right to replace me if I am unable to comply with the above.

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