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Field Locations

Locke Avenue Park
Fields A,B and E

GPS Address: 58 Locke Ave, Swedesboro NJ 08085

Locke Ave Park - Back Entrance
Fields E,I and H
Entrance is located on High Hill Rd West of Auburn Rd

High Hill Park
Fields N,O,P,Q

GPS Address: 162 High Hill Rd, Swedesboro NJ 08085

Locke Ave / High Hill Field Map

Governor Charles C. Stratton School
15 Fredrick Blvd, Swedesboro, NJ 08085

General Charles G. Harker School
 1771 Oldmans Creek Rd, Swedesboro, NJ 08085

Field Status

Closed Closed

Locke Avenue (12:32 PM | 01/23/19)

Open Open

Harrison Township Little League (02:42 PM | 04/19/17)

Open Open

Logan Little League (02:50 PM | 04/19/17)

Open Open

East Greenwich Little League (02:51 PM | 04/19/17)

Open Open

South Harrison Little League (10:30 AM | 04/21/17)

Open Open

Stratton School (11:34 PM | 12/05/17)