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Field Responsibilities

Duncanville Harrington Park is our Home for baseball.  


There are many ways that we, as coaches, parents and players can help the City to maintain our Fields.  The items listed below should help us all to keep our fields in top condition and to save unnecessary expense to our league.


Remember, also, to be good Visitors when you are playing away from our Fields.  Pick up, clean up; be a good guest.  


Field/equipment manager: Mike Rice: [email protected]

~ Etiquette
Do Not Practice on a Field that has been prepped for a game. Pre-game warm ups should be done in the outfield.


~ Bases
It is your responsibility to put the bases out for the game if you are the Home Team.  Likewise, it is yours to put them back in the storage room after your game if there is not a game after yours. PLEASE REPLACE BASE PLUGS AFTER EACH USE! This helps us from having to dig to find base holes every day. We do NOT have extra base plugs, so please take care of them!


~ Lights 
Whether you are Home or Visitor at Harrington Fields, take the initiative to turn on the lights as needed and turn them off after your game or practice if no other teams/s is behind you.


~ Scoreboard
Normally the Visitor keeps the scoreboard but if you are playing an out of town team You keep the scoreboard.

1.) In the Breaker Panel in the hallway to the concession area, you will find Breakers #21,23,25,27 & 29.  Turn on the one that applies to your field.  The Scoreboard should light up. (if it does not light up- send someone out to the breaker box at the scoreboard and turn that on.)
2.) Pick up the Scoreboard Controller box from 
the hall or the storeroom shelves and start operating the Scoreboard.

           3.) After the game, turn off the controller and put it back where you got it and turn off the Breaker # that you turned on originally.  Do Not Turn Off the Breaker at the Scoreboard.

Exception- Field 5 Only:  
Because the Breaker in the Panel box which controls the scoreboard is tied into the irrigation system, that breaker is locked and you will have to walk out to the scoreboard to turn it on and off.


~  Weather
Whenever we have a weather event (like rain), we try to work with the City to get our fields prepared.  If the fields have no chance of being prepared for that day’s game/s;  we will update the League- Rain Out Line (972.738.9322) as early as possible.  Normally, it will be updated by 4:00 p.m.  It will not be updated on a daily basis if we have no weather events. We will also post updates on our Facebook page and website.



~  Gates
If you are the first team to arrive; UNLOCK the Gates.  If you are the last team to leave;  LOCK the Gates.


~  Storeroom
Same as Gates, but turn On/Off the lights.


~  Restrooms
Same as Gates and Restrooms; turn On/Off the lights.


~  Trash
It is your responsibility to communicate with your Parents and Players the need to place all trash in the appropriate containers.  
of it:  Dugouts, Fields, Stands etc.  It’s pretty pathetic to see all the greasy hamburger sacks and dirty diapers thrown out in the parking lot.


~  Recycle
There are 4 containers located next to the Concession/Restroom/Storage Building. Each is clearly marked RECYCLE-ALUMINUM

          CANS ONLY.  They have a hole in the top of them.  We thought that by recycling the aluminum cans that we could put some money back into DBBI.  Encourage your people to use them but tell them not to put their trash and dirty diapers in them.




~  Website
Write this down.  Bookmark it on your Browser.  You should check this each week and especially the day of or the day before a game to verify that your game is as scheduled.


~ Game Reports –
It is your responsibility to either call or e.mail your commissioner with Game Scores so that they can be posted to the website.

~  Questions –
Any questions, suggestions or other issues you have with our fields and facilities or DBBI in general should be directed to your Division Commissioner whose name and contact info can be found on our website.


DBBI Baseball
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