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Testimonials from Past Families...

"8 years we spent in little league. Meet so many nice kids and families during that time. Would love to go back to those summer nights, as hectic as they were. Made some great memories."

"My boys have been involved in baseball for 7 or 8 years now, and we've had plenty of opportunities to play with and visit other leagues' parks. West Allis has *beautiful* facilities, great coaches and lots of great family and community support. I'm proud to be part of this organization and happy to do my required volunteer shifts (I have 2 boys who play so I do 6 shifts!) because it means we continue to have clean fields and nice things like a concession stand and scoreboard. (Many other areas don't have these or theirs aren't as nice.)"

"This was my son first time playing baseball and he loved every part of it. This League truly made our family feel welcome. Even the parents were supportive of each others children. But the most beautiful part of this league was the fact that most of the children knew each other. I loved seeing the children on opposing teams smile so hard when they were up against their friend. I feel like we are blessed to be part of such a wonderful organization."

Parent/Player Info

The LLWA season runs from approximately mid April until the end of July. Here is some important info for parents and players:
Our registration fee includes players fees, 1 pair of pants, 1 hat, 1 pair of socks and belt. Jersey's will be supplied for the season and are returned upon completion of the tournament.

All players families are expected to volunteer. We take great pride in our facility and work very hard to make it a nice place for families.  We require a $150 deposit for volunteering. After you volunteer requirements are met, your $150 will be returned at the fall general membership meeting in mid September. We will hand out checks to those who fulfilled their volunteer requirements at that meeting. You can sign up to be a Manager, Assistant Coach, Team Parent or help during the season with Pitch Count, Concessions, and Scoreboard. Junior/Senior Players have different volunteer requirements due to the fact they play at different fields. 

THERE IS NO BUYOUT OF VOLUNTEERING. We can't run a successful Little League without parent/family volunteers. It "takes a village" to have a successful little league. You can volunteer for your players games or other players games if you would like. The volunteer agreement is posted as part of the registration process.

Fundraising: We require all players to sell at least 3 boxes of candy bars. If you chose not to sell, you can pay a candy bar buyout fee of $100 during registration. Once that fee is paid, you cannot change your mind. Also, once you are registered and do not pay the fee, you can not opt to the buyout. We order the candy bars ahead of time and this would leave us with extra candy to sell. Candy bar sales begin Mid-March. A post-dated check is given to your team parent at time of pick up and is generally cashed a month after the sale. It will be announced when the sale starts, on what date you should expect your check cashed.

Teams: All players will get drafted to a team in their division. Once the draft is held, typically mid-February, you will be notified what team you are on. We do not take requests to what team a player is drafted to. Kids make new friends and it would be difficult to match kids and their friends to teams. Practices usually start mid-late March depending on facility and outdoor space.

There are some also great opportunities for "Extra Baseball". The Rookies Division typically enters a Machine Pitched Tournament that his held in July. It is run by our friends from the North Central Little League. We have city-wide Allstar games and the Major and Junior Divisions entered teams in the District Tournament that is the start of the road to the Little League World Series.

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