Fielding Drills - All Positions

Below are several fielding and footwork drills created by players, coaches and managers from across the country that were posted to YouTube that we think can help develop your player's skills. 

Drills for Beginner Players

Two simple drills for beginner players.

How to Field a Ground Ball

Basic form to field a ground ball and build momentum towards to the base.

Infield Drill to Build Momentum

Another simple cone drill focused on building momentum while fielding the ball.

A Second Infield Drill to Build Momentum

Another great cone drill focused on proper fielding mechanics while building momentum for the throw.

Infield Drill - Footwork and Agility

A great drill to work on footwork and build agility.


Improve Infield Footwork

A simple drill to reinforce the proper form for fielding a ground ball.

Quick Hands Drill

A series of drills for use with the Skilz Gloves or Quick Hands Trainers as demonstrated by Cal and Bill Ripken.


Short Hops

A series of short hop drills to work on all types of short hops - back hand, glove side and right to you.

Hands Drill - Wall

A series of drills to develop quick hands.

Advanced Hands Drills - Wall

More drills to develop hand and footwork.

Multi-Line Fielding Drill

Great drill to keep all kids moving constantly while practicing the proper mechanics of fielding.  I would add an underhand toss at the end rather than the player running and putting the ball in the bucket.

Infield Backhand Drills

How to position the player for backhand and ground balls.

Ladder Drills

Drills to improve footwork, speed and agility.

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