Nearly 10 years ago, Little League® developed its Pitch Count regulations to help curb the risk of overuse injuries to young pitchers. West Sugar Land Little League actively monitors the overuse of our young players by requiring both teams to track Pitch Counts during the games for all pitchers and for managers to report those pitch counts when submitting game results.

Pitch Count Regulation from

Pitch Count Log Template

SPECIAL NOTE: Players who catch for for more than three (3) innings (3 innings plus one pitch or more) MAY NOT pitch in the same game.  Furthermore, players who throw 41 pitches or more MAY NOT play the catcher position in the same game.

Little League regulations for Pitch Count and Days of Rest are as follows:

Pitch Count Limits per game

Pitchers with the following league ages have the following pitch count limits:

League Age    Pitch Count Limit
17-18 105 pitches per day
13 -16 

95 pitches per day

11 -12 85 pitches per day
9-10 75 pitches per day
7-8 50 pitches per day


Pitchers and Rest

Situation: Player “A” pitches “X” pitches on Saturday. Player “A” is eligible to pitch again on:

X Pitches       Days Rest      Rest Days Eligible to Pitch On
1 to 20 0   Sunday
21 to 35 1 Sunday Monday
36 to 50 2 Sunday, Monday Tuesday
51 to 65 3 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday
66 or more 4 Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday       Thursday


Regulation VI (d) was modified in 2013, clarifying that:

EXCEPTION: If a pitcher reaches a day(s) of rest threshold while facing a batter, the pitcher may continue to pitch until any one of the following conditions occurs: 1. That batter reaches base; 2. That batter is retired; 3. The third out is made to complete the half-inning. The pitcher will only be required to observe the calendar day(s) of rest for the threshold he/she reached during that at-bat, provided that pitcher is removed before delivering a pitch to another batter

An example of this would be:

Pitcher starts an at-bat having thrown 32 pitches prior to the first pitch to the current batter.  The pitcher completes the at-bat by striking out the batter, throwing an additional 5 pitches.  His pitch count at the end of the at-bat is 37, but since he reached the 35 pitch threshold during the at bat, Regulation VI (d) EXCEPTION applies, meaning he will only have to observe 1 day of rest.  If the pitcher continues to pitch to the next batter, throwing one official pitch, he will have to observe two (2) days of rest.



Sample Pitch Count Sheet from the example above:

30 31 32   33 34 35 36

Pitches thrown grayed in, dark line signifies end of at-bat.

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