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Licking Heights Youth Sports League (LHYSL) is a non-profit organization that provides youth sports to local children who are 1st – 6th graders. 
LHYSL programs are focused on teaching basic fundamentals, conditioning, discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork as it pertains to full-contact Tackle Football, side line Cheerleading, Cheerleading competitions, and Wrestling
LHYSL Programs Offered
TACKLE FOOTBALL is a competitive full-contact league provided in 3 age divisions (Mini: grades 1-2, Junior: grades 3-4, Senior: grades 5-6). Games played at these various levels will be played against teams from nearby associations under Licking County League Youth Football (LCLYF).
CHEERLEADING is an instructional league for football sideline cheer provided in 3 age divisions (Mini: grades 1-2, Junior: grades 3-4, Senior: grades 5-6). Games attended will coincide with the tackle football progam.
FLAG FOOTBALL is an Co-ed instructional league for kids Pre-K up to grade 6 which will focus on teaching basic fundamentals, conditioning and teamwork as it pertains to non-contact flag football.
WRESTLING is a competitive league for kids K to 6th grade which will focus on teaching fundamentals of the sport of wrestling.
CAMPS & COMPETITIONS are offered along with the above programs such as a Youth Football camp, Cheer Camp, Cheerleading Competition and/or Expo and open Wrestling mat times.

LHYSL 2021 Flag Football COVID-19 Guidelines

This document is meant to provide guidance for safely operating the Licking Heights Youth Sports League (LHYSL) 2021 youth Flag Football Camp. As the situation with COVID-19 is ever evolving, this is a living document meant to provide guidance for players, coaches, families, and staff on how to manage risk of spreading and contracting COVID-19 while participating in Flag Football. As the season progresses, it is possible that operations and procedures may change.

 Before Arriving to the Field

 • Players, Coaches, Staff, Officials, & Fans should not attend practice/games if they feel sick, have a fever, or have been coughing.

• Players, Coaches, Staff, Officials, & Fans should not attend practice/games if they have been in contact with someone who has had COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

• Players should not feel pressure to come to practice or games if they are sick.


 Field Entry, Check-In, and Facility Exit Procedures

• All persons attending a game are subject to reading and confirming a self-screening assessment posted at check-in and areas around the field.

• Players will wear masks upon entering the game or practice site.

• Players may be temperature tested and will sanitize hands at check-in before stepping on the field.

• Attendance will be taken by coaches and/or staff prior to each practice and game

• Coaches will ask each screening questions prior to each practice and game.

• Parents are asked to be present during screening questions, if a player responds that they are sick, they should leave the field immediately. If an athlete contracts COVID-19, please contact your coach immediately. Your coach will contact their league commissioner.

• Players will pack up all items in their bags at conclusion of practice.

• Players and coaches must wear masks when exiting the game or practice site.

 Football Activity Recommendations for Practices and Games

• When possible during practices, coaches and players will keep a distance of 6 ft. apart for drills and other activities.

• Coaches must wear masks during practices and games.

• Players must wear masks when not on the field of play.

• Staff / Referee / Coach is responsible for the sanitation of their footballs prior to and during practice and games. They are responsible for providing sanitation to any shared equipment and players.

• Players will maintain a 6 ft. distance while on the sideline and not playing.

• Practice breaks and Game Halftime will be opportunities to sanitize the football, and players hands.

• Face coverings are required for all adults. This includes Coaches, Staff, Officials, Volunteers, and Fans.

• Huddles are no longer permitted.

• In replacement of a post-game handshake, players will line-up and clap/wave in the direction of opponents and to the fans.

• No team meetings will be held in the vicinity of the field to allow the next team to enter the play area.

 Spectators/Parents Procedures

• All attendees (staff, coaches, players, spectators) shall exercise social distancing of 6 ft when on school property.

• Fans/Spectators must view games from the stadium seating and are not permitted on the field unless they are a registered coach. If viewing practice on back field, you will be allowed to sit next to the field but no closer than 10 ft.

• Fans/Spectators sitting in our stands must stay in groups of households/family with the groups being 6 ft apart.

• Spectators/Parents will wear masks while viewing practice/games at all times.

• Parent exiting process will occur immediately following the game.

 Other Considerations

• Please have your child use the bathroom prior to practices and games to reduce use of bathroom traffic at the fields.

• Review clean hands bathroom practices with child: wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, dry hands with paper towel, open bathroom door with paper towel, dispose of paper towel.

• Wash your hands before and after you play; avoid touching your face. Follow CDC guidance regarding hand washing.

• If a player gets sick during practice/game, they will be removed from the practice/game area, parent will be called to pick them up, all equipment will be cleaned; out of an abundance of caution, practice/game may be cancelled

• Notify Coaching Staff with any medical updates or issues.

Field Status

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    Updated: 03/19/21 8:23AM
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    Updated: 05/07/20 4:12PM
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