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Rules - 4/5/6 Level

Congerville, Eureka, Goodfield Community Youth and Recreation Association

Soccer Rules

4/5/6 GRADE LEVEL (D Field):

  • 8 players (including keeper) on the field.
  • 2-25 minute halves (5 minute half time).
  • Center kick off to start both halves, alternating teams.
  • Off sides (see explanation below) will be called.
  • Direct & Indirect kicks will be called. Explanation below.
  • If penalty is close to the goal, move the ball to approximately the penalty spot.
  • Substitutions at any dead ball on referee's signal. Players need to go to center side line to be subbed in.


Indirect Free Kicks
Dangerous play
Obstruction (deliberate blocking with body)
Charging opponent or keeper
Too much time by keeper
Deliberately kicking the ball to the keeper and he/she touches the ball with their hands
Second touch by kicker on a free kick

Direct Free Kick
Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent
Trips or attempts to trip an opponent
Charging violently with body contact before touching the ball
Charging violently from behind with body contact before touching ball (slide tackle)
Hitting or trying to hit an opponent
Pushing & Holding
Hand ball

Penalty Kick
Any infraction that normally results in a direct kick which occurs in the penalty area.

NOT in the Offside position when?
- On own side of field.
- Even or behind ball.
- Even or behind last defensive player besides the keeper
- Directly receiving a Goal Kick, Throw-in or Corner Kick

When Offside?
- If player is in the offside position when the ball is played to him by a teammate or he otherwise affects play.


Referee Equipment:

  • Black CEGCYRA shirt (if you have one) or a very bright colored shirt
  • Whistle
  • Watch or Timer
  • Coin

Rules for Players:

  • Shin guards that are covered entirely by their socks.
  • Tennis shoes or rubber cleats (no front center cleat).
  • No jewelry of any kind (includes ear rings, starter studs may be covered).
  • Proper color shirt, visible and tucked in (easier to see holding).
  • Keeper - different color shirt or vest.


  • Blow the whistle (no wimpy whistles) & state the call loudly so everyone can hear.
  • Be sure to start and end on time.
  • Talk to the players and coaches. Use hand signals. Be assertive.
  • Watch for pushing, holding, kicking while on the ground, high kicks and dangerous play.
  • Game is paused if there is lightning. If it continues, games will be called.
  • Positions 2 man crew
  • Use diagonal setup, 1/2 line to goal line, stay ahead of ball (straight line with ball between).
  • 2 weeks of redo of throw-ins (2/3 and above). Pee Wee & K/1 fields will redo throw ins all season.
  • Out of bounds/goals
  • All of the ball must cross the line entirely.


  • Allowed 6 seconds (warning).
  • Ball is in keeper’s possession as soon as they touch it (no charging the keeper).
  • If the keepers team kicks the ball back to the keeper and the keeper picks it up it is an indirect free kick for the other team at the spot of the foul.

Kick Offs:

  • Ball must move FORWARD, same player can not touch the ball twice until another player touches the ball.

Goal Kicks:

  • No one in the Penalty Area, ball must exit the Penalty Area to be in play. (Redo)

Free Kicks:

  • Opponents must be 10 yards from the ball.

Penalty Kick:

  • Players must be outside the Penalty Area at least 10 yards from the ball (outside the 1/2 circle on the top of the Penalty Area).
  • Keeper can move side to side but must remain on goal line until the ball is kicked.
  • Kick starts on referee’s whistle.
  • If the ball rebounds off the goal, the original kicker cannot touch the ball until another player touches the ball. (Defense receives a goal kick.)
  • One referee should be positioned on the goal line, the other near the top of the Penalty Area.


  • 2 hands over the head, both feet on the ground behind or on the side line. Cannot lift feet or jump.
  • For Pee Wee & K/1, if they lift their foot, jump or throw it in sideways, blow whistle & have them redo it, letting them know what they did incorrectly so they can learn proper technique.
  • A whistle is not required. 


  • Main goal at all levels is to teach the kids and have fun! o Good sportsmanship is required. There will be no foul language tolerated from coaches or players.
  • All players are expected to go through the line and shake hands at the end of the game. No rude comments during this time will be tolerated.
  • In House league is equal playing time. Do your best to keep playing time as equal as possible for ALL players. We understand there are times this is difficult due to time of the game, etc. However, purposely not playing a player will not be tolerated.
  • With the above being said, please note that each player is to play as close to 1/2 of the game as possible. It is up to each coach as to how they want to split this playing time up. However, each player needs to play at least part of each half. In other words a coach can't sit a player the entire 1st half & then have them play the entire second half. Al players need to play both offense & defense.
  • No player is allowed to play the entire game unless your team has no subs during a given game.
  • All players are required to have shin guard, socks that completely cover their shin guards & soccer or tennis shoes. If a player is missing one of these, they will not be allowed to play. This is for everyone's safety. 

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