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Board of Directors

Valrico Rams Executive Board of Directors
Bryan Hoplight
813-767-5683[email protected]
Vice President
Jon Sawicky813-833-1905[email protected]
TreasurerMonica Hill
813-817-9928[email protected]
Athletic Director
John Cleckler
813-393-6026[email protected]
Kendra Konitzer
813-416-5059[email protected]
Cheer Director
Gena Robinson
813-690-6936[email protected]
Registration DirectorRosa Sawicky [email protected]

Board of Directors
Sponsorship DirectorLenny Woods813-505-6151[email protected]
Fundraising Director
Matt Fredlund
239-229-3750[email protected]
Volunteer Director
Nikole Segale 813-784-1448[email protected]
Concessions Director
OPEN [email protected]
Community Relations Director
  [email protected]
Publicity Director
Tania Cleckler
 813-313-8663[email protected]
Scholastic Director
Sheila Lopez
 813-388-3374[email protected]

Auxillary Board of Directors
Assistant Registration Director
Jessica Mohammed
813-263-7728[email protected]
Assistant Cheer Director
Tara Beilstein
813-263-8111 [email protected]
Cheer Equipment Director
Aundrea Penny
813-719-5418 [email protected]
Football Equipment Director
Chris Cooper
863-602-4898 [email protected]
Field Maintenance Director

 [email protected]
Team Parent Coordinator
Jessica Pearce
813-704-7141 [email protected]
Assistant TreasurerKatherine Fredlund239-243-7269[email protected]
Assistant Athletic DirectorFrandy Benoit813-361-4662[email protected]
Assistant Volunteer DirectorLisa Woods813-335-9167  
Social Media CoordinatorAlyssa Woods813-298-4606 
Assistant Field Maintenance DirectoryJohnnie Mohammed 
Assistant Publicity DirectorJed Hohlfeld