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A Message From the President

As a nonprofit organization, fundraising and sponsorship is the means by which we are able to finance our charter and insurance, equipment, our uniforms, the use of umpires, service our facilities, etc. Below you will find the upcoming dates for the 2021 Fall Season fundraisers we have planned for this year - please check back frequently and follow us on Facebook for updates.

Upcoming Fundraisers:

Fall Ball Kick Off Event- Movie Night @ Martha Hart 9/10 7PM for ticket information please email [email protected]

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Creation is a passion and that is a flame that will never die out. With an eye for the unique, the abstract and the beautiful,
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The BOWdega LLC is a small business owned by a pair of local twins. They specialize in creating handmade fabric bows,
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Meet Your Fundraising Team

Irrahilly Davila
Fundraising Coordinator

Miriam (Milly) Diaz Velazquez
Fundraising Assistant

Currently seeking Fundraising Volunteers!

Local Sponsors

NEW BRITAIN LITTLE LEAGUE 2022 Spring Registrations Are Open

PO Box 755 
New Britain, Connecticut 06050

Email: [email protected]