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Open League Bat Rules

Nations Baseball Rules (Open League Games and Tournaments) - The following bat rule is in effect at all Nations Events in the Houston/South Texas area.

  1. In ages 14U and below, bats with the new BPF 1.15 stamp (on the transition area between the barrel and handle) are legal, regardless of weight and composition.
  2. In 14U, bats must either be a BPF 1.15 -5 bat OR a BBCOR bat (BESR -3 bats are not legal).
  3. 15U and above must use a NFHS (high school) legal BBCOR bat.
Penalty  (Nations Rules) – The bat will be removed from the playing field by the umpire and the manager of the team will be warned against further use. If the illegal bat is discovered after the end of the play, and the play results in the batter/runner safely reaching first base, the batter/runner will be declared out and all runners must return to the last base legally occupied prior to the play. No run may score on this play. Any out that results on the play will stand. On a second offense, the above penalties will apply and the manager of the offending team will be removed from the field and will be prohibited from managing for the remainder of the game. A batter using an altered bat is declared out, and all runners return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch. A batter is deemed to have used or attempted to use an illegal bat if the player brings such a bat into the batter’s box. Any out or outs made during the play stand.

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