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Expectations of YFL Cardinals Football Parents

Be positive with your son. Bring your son to every practice on time.  Don’t offer excuses why he isn’t playing because there is a reason.

Finishing what you start is an important message you can share with your son.  Quitting should never be an option because it sets a bad precedent for future behavior.

Opinions and comments from parents have a huge impact on young players.  Much of the athlete’s definition of success is based on what the parent defines as successful.  As a coaching staff we believe success is not simply obtaining a starting position, winning a game, or having great stats.  We define success as developing a great work ethic, maintaining strong integrity, a positive attitude, and giving 100% effort all the time.  We ask you as parents to reinforce these with your sons.   

Believe in our system and reinforce the philosophy of our program with your son.  There is a reason why we use the system we do.

Encourage your son academically to do the best he can.  Athletes who are don't have at least a C in every class have no chance to compete when they are on the sidelines.  This is especially true if your son has aspirations of furthering his education and/or playing football at the next level.  

Don’t be envious of other parents and players.  Being jealous of other parents or players is a selfish act.   THE TEAM IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY INDIVIDUAL.  Do not live vicariously through your son because it adds unnecessary pressure on him to succeed for you.

Don’t criticize coaches because you cannot expect your son to give 100% for a coach you are criticizing.  This teaches making excuses instead of positive action.  Don’t criticize other players, opponents, or officials.  A class program is reflected by the behavior of the fans in the stands as well as what happens on the field.  Be positive, cheer, and appreciate the sport and the effort.

Encourage your son to play for the “Love of the Game”.  Winning games and earning awards and honors will take care of themselves.  Good things usually happen to team players who are unselfish, hardworking, and committed to the team. 


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