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Snowline Little League Bylaws 2023-2024

Snowline Little League, Inc.
League ID No.: 405-54-04
2023-2024 SEASON

With the understanding this association’s bylaws will be considered as “in addition to” the 
constitution and will not negate any part of the constitution, tax laws, or Little League rules and 
regulations. The following bylaws have been approved by the Snowline Little League Board of 
Directors on November 9, 2023.


1.1  The Board President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator are 
the only members authorized to accept any payment to Snowline Little League for registration, 
donation or exchanges for business opportunities. Any member of the board of directors presented 
with a check made out to Snowline Little League shall notify the appropriate board member 
(President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator immediately and 
arrange to deposit or transfer the check to any appropriate party within five working days.

A.  Payments collected must be deposited within five working days of the payment collection date. 
If a deposit is not possible within five working days, that individual who collected said payment 
shall notify the Treasurer that a collection was made and inform the Treasurer of the date that 
payment will be deposited.

B.  A copy of the receipt or completed registration form must accompany the payment.

C.  Cash payments or donations over $20 can only be accepted for donation by the President, Vice 
President, Treasurer and Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator with a receipt. Any checks written 
for payment of any type must be made payable to Snowline Little League and not, at any time, to any 
individual within this association or with any other business name.

D.  The financial update given by the treasurer and reviewed by the board of directors at each 
monthly board meeting, will show all individual payments made to Snowline Little League as 
donations with registration fees combined in a single line item for reporting purposes. The 
President or Vice President may accept payment from Little League Baseball or from the governing 
district if the payment is submitted to the Treasurer within five days of the transaction.

1.2  The Board of Directors will approve all expenses of Snowline Little League in their annual/ 
seasonal cost during the periodic meetings with the required vote as outlined in our constitution. 
Any additional
costs incurred beyond the approved amount must be approved by the President and Treasurer. This

includes additional uniform expenses, costs for pictures, costs for equipment of any type, and all 
other general expenses beyond the presented and approved written/ verbal bid.

1.2 A) This does not include office supplies, snack bar supplies, safety equipment and emergency 
field repair supplies up to a total increased cost of $200.

1.2 B) All purchases exceeding $500 must be verbally approved by three Board Members and then 
presented to the Board with receipts at the next board meeting.

1.2 C) Purchases exceeding $1,500 for field or league improvements must have 3 bids presented 
verbally or in writing to President, Vice President & Treasurer.

1.3  All checks written for payments by Snowline Little League will require signatures by President 
and Treasurer. Signatures by persons related by blood or marriage are not considered valid. The 
only board members able to sign checks will be the President and Treasurer.

1.4  Any checks returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) by the bank will be returned to the 
responsible person for cash or money order only. There will be a $35.00 fee collected for NSF 
checks as the law allows. NSF checks must be rectified before the future registration fees will be 
accepted. Failure to pay the $35.00 NSF fee will result in the league not accepting any check from 
the members in the future.

1.5 The Concessions Manager must provide a financial report and turn in all receipts associated 
with the snack bar purchases each month. Report and Receipts are due at the monthly board meeting, 
if no meeting is scheduled or if the meeting is canceled for any reason the Report/Receipts must be 
turned over to the President, Vice President or Treasurer at the end of the month. Daily logs or 
End of Drawer Report must be turned in along with the money to the main snack bar safe or Executive 
Board Member by close of business. The Concession Manager must deposit money weekly and turn in all 
logs/receipt printouts to the treasurer bi-monthly.

1.6 An annual Budget of Snowline Little League shall be presented no later than October 31ˢᵗ, or at 
the October board meeting, for the following season.

1.7 By January31ˢᵗ of each calendar year, the Board of Directors will ensure all paperwork, forms 
and financial reports necessary to maintain the 501 (c) (3) status of Snowline Little League have 
been completed and filed with appropriate agencies. These agencies include Little League 
International, IRS, FTB and California Secretary of State. The forms required may include SI-100 
(biannually), IRS 990 series tax return, FTB 199 series statement and profit/loss statements.


2.1 Minutes for every Board of Directors meeting will be taken to secure review if necessary, of 
approved measures. Minutes will be reviewed and edited prior to board approval, then posted online 
in the Little League Data Center and made available on request.

2.2 Board Members will be required to attend all Board meetings and position assigned meetings and 
functions. Those Board members missing two unexcused, or five total, meetings will be considered 
inactive members of this association and will be asked to resign by written request of the 
President. Board members who cannot attend a meeting must give a reason to the President or Vice 
President to be excused. Non board members can attend any regularly scheduled board meeting, but 
will be considered a non-voting participant. Board members who do not fulfill their term are 
subject to losing their eligibility for future service. A board member who resigns due to 
extenuating circumstances such an illness or family needs may be considered for future service. 
However, any board member who does not have extenuating circumstances and merely quits, being 
unwilling to fulfill their full commitment as a board member, will not be eligible to serve in the 

2.3 Communications within the organization will follow the proper protocol. The Board of Directors’ 
roster will be printed for the public. However, all communication with public members regarding 
Little League Baseball shall follow proper protocol. Protocol shall be: Players, parents and/or 
legal guardians will discuss questions about the league or team with the team Manager. Managers 
with questions or statements taken will discuss answers with the Player Agent for their division. 
Player Agents with questions or statements taken will discuss answers with the President. The 
President will discuss questions and statements with the District Administrator. All calls that 
come in to any person beyond the protocol shall be referred to the proper person for resolution.

2.4 Voting by Email

2.4 (a) Routine Board actions may be taken by unanimous written consent (a situation in which no 
voting member objects to a proposal). Such consent may be obtained by email as described below.

2.4 (b) Matters regarding decisions such as removing a board member or other personnel matters, 
approving a major financial transaction, or approving a legal strategy shall be conducted during a 
regular or special board meeting as outlined in the constitution and current bylaws.

2.4 (c) After considering the appropriate conditions (scheduling, routine matter, in person 
discussion needed, etc.) the Board President determines whether to take action by unanimous written 
consent. The Board President will then direct the Secretary to draft the proposed "MOTION on xxxx" 
and email it as an attachment to all voting members at their respective email addresses. The 
attachment shall allow a member to indicate in writing that he or she is in favor of, opposed to, 
or abstains from, the action, and have an appropriate signature/date line.

2.4 (d) The motion needs to be seconded before discussion or voting can proceed. Thereafter, all 
discussion must follow the same email thread; other emails should not follow this thread. 
Discussion will be allowed for a minimum of 3 calendar days unless all agree in writing to a 
shorter time-frame. Discussion time can be extended by a simple majority of all board members.

2.4 (e) After the discussion period ends the Board President will call for an email vote. Members 
vote by sending an email with "MOTION on xxxx." YES/NO/ABSTAIN. Each voting member shall also sign 

return the written consent attachment to the Secretary by mail or delivered in person at the next 
board meeting.

2.4 (f) Upon the Secretary's receipt and verification of all written consents approving the action, 
the action is duly approved. Regardless of whether the action is approved or not, the Secretary 
will confirm whether the action has passed or failed by email to all voting members upon receipt of 
all the individual written consents.

2.4 (g) The Secretary will file all individual written consents with the minute book.

2.4 (h) The Board will ratify any action taken by unanimous written consent at the next Board 
meeting. The minutes of this meeting will record the ratification.


3.1 Snowline Little League will conduct spring registration by the end of January. Try-out sessions 
will be concluded by the first weekend in February with the draft being completed within two weeks 
of tryouts. Snowline Little League will start its season by March 1ˢᵗ with regular play and will 
end its regular season play with Closing Day ceremonies in June.

3.2 Registration fees will be based on area costs and association size. The current registration 
fees will be set at $125 for Tee-ball and Coach Pitch, $200 for Minor Player Pitch and $225 for all 
other levels.

3.3 There will be a $25 early registration discount during early bird registration which will end 
January 1st. A $25 late registration fee will be applied after February 12th. Families with two or 
more players will pay the full registration fee for the oldest player and $25 off for each 
additional player’s registration. Registration fees will be collected when a player accepts a 
position offered on a team and submits the registration form. A donation amount may be collected in 
addition to the registration fee in the amount of equal value of fundraiser profit in lieu of 
participating in the fundraising drive anticipated for the season.

3.4 Registration fees will be collected and a fully completed registration form will be presented 
with the fees before a player can practice with a team or play in any game. The registration form 
shall include a medical history and player medical insurance information. If a player’s 
documentation is not available, that player will not be allowed to practice with a team or play in 
any scheduled game at any location considered a playing field or try-out venue of Snowline Little 

3.5 Any eligible player that is unable to present the cost of registration may discuss possible 
payment options with the President of Snowline Little League in privacy. The President will 
maintain the privacy of the request and request the participant to take part in all fundraising 
events as necessary to make up the money needed to participate in Little League Baseball. Failure 
to adhere to fundraising guidelines will result in loss of future sponsorship eligibility.


4.1 All safety regulations will be followed as outlined in the League safety manual regardless of 
personal opinion or changes to the venue due to weather. Playing conditions are outlined in the 
safety manual, while registration and try-out session venues are not. Should any try-out session be 
forced indoors due to weather or field conditions, all logical and reasonable steps must be taken 
to ensure safety for the participants and the property. No exceptions will apply. Protective gear 
and soft baseballs will be used indoors for try-out sessions. This includes helmets and other 
required protective gear as outlined in the practice and playing regulations for Little League 

4.2 Snowline Little League will provide safe playing fields pursuant to Little League 
specifications including, necessary field materials, basic playing equipment, complete catcher’s 
gear, team jersey with Little League patch and a team hat for each player, one manager and at least 
one coach. All additional equipment is the participant’s responsibility. Protective cups are highly 
recommended for all players, required for all catchers and are to be furnished by each individual 
player at their own expense.

4.3 Safety rules will be read, agreed upon and signed by every team manager and coach for every 
division. The rules of safety and conduct will always be adhered to. Those who disregard safety, 
and the code of conduct will be given a written warning from the President stating the nature of 
the infraction and asked to sign it. Should the individual refuse to sign the warning it shall be 
considered a resignation. Should said individual be found guilty of a second similar offense, the 
President shall remove that person from their position. If an individual shows blatant disregard 
for safety and conduct rules they shall be asked to leave the premises immediately.

4.4 All injuries requiring more than basic first aid to a player during practice or game play must 
be reported to the Safety Officer and an accident report must be filled out for every injury. The 
Safety Officer will investigate if the injury required professional medical assistance. If so, a 
written medical release must be presented to the team manager before the player can be allowed to 
participate in practices or games.

4.5 Every team manager or coach will be issued a medical kit supplied by the League and medical 
release forms for every player and shall have said kits and forms at every practice and game.

4.6 (a) Per Little League International Green Book rules, at the Major level or below, there is no 
on deck circle or area for batters. However, before the first inning or the start of any inning 
after, only the first player due to bat may “warm up” to get ready for their turn at bat. They must 
wear an approved batting helmet.

4.6 (b) When using a bat or running the bases at Forebay Field, all players shall have a batting 
helmet on.

4.6 (c) Upon entering the batting cage at Forebay Field, all players shall immediately put a 
batting helmet on and leave it on while in the waiting and “pitch to” areas.

4.6 (d) Until all members of the team, siblings, friends and adults present leave the site, the 
league is still subject to liability issues if an injury occurs by anybody choosing to play any 
form of “baseball”. Therefore,

after games or practices at Forebay Field and all other approved practice or game venues, no 
players, siblings or other family members of players are allowed to swing, bat or otherwise handle 
a bat.

4.6 (e) These rules need to be emphasized during the managers/coaches meeting. Any coach or manager 
who violates sections 4.6 (a), (b), (c) or (d) shall be subject to disciplinary action as outlined 
in section 4.3 above.

4.7 All players shall be instructed on batting safety, and the importance of wearing a batting 
helmet. Helmet safety will be posted in the batting cage area and in dugouts.


5.1 It is the responsibility of the President or Vice President to secure use permits for all 
fields on school property. The President or Vice President must also secure the scheduling of those 
fields used by Snowline Little League. It is suggested to obtain applicable permits by January.

5.2 On school grounds and all fields and parks being used for Little League Baseball:

A.  Parking (except for authorized personnel) will not be allowed within 100 feet of the field of 
play during practice sessions or games.

B.  Smoking of any material or the use of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs is prohibited except in 
designated smoking areas.

C.  Dogs or other pets are prohibited. The exception would be a trained assisting dog for the 
physically or visually challenged.

D.  All participants will observe the Little League International Code of Conduct.

E.  It will be the team manager’s responsibility to ensure the Code of Conduct is followed by all 
participants and spectators. This includes any verbal or physical abuse of participants, volunteers 
or spectators by any person within the boundaries of the school, field or park where the Little 
League event is taking place.

F.  The umpire has full control of the game, participants and attendees. In the case of a youth 
umpire under 18 years old, the Game Coordinator will have full control of the game, participants 
and attendees.

5.3 At every event, persons deemed as hostile or threatening to the players, property, or the 
organization will be asked to leave the event. At Little League events, if a person is asked to 
leave and refuses, legal authorities will be asked to remove them. This includes persons not 
following field rules after being warned, those presenting threatening statements or harassment of 
and to volunteers, and/or any person that may cause harm to any or all participants of Little 
League Baseball. This would include Little League events beyond our league boundaries.

5.4 Parents and spectators cannot talk to players while the player is in the dugout or on the 
field. All players must remain in the dugout or on the field during games except to be escorted to 
the restrooms.


6.1 All applicants for a team manager position will be interviewed and screened according to Little 
League rules. The President will conduct all interviews; the accepted applicant’s names will be 
presented to the Board of Directors for approval or denial. The board approved team managers will 
be notified and be given a full outline of their responsibilities. Note: There are no automatically 
returning team managers, coaches or board members from season to season. Managers and coaches are 
elected or appointed by the Board after all procedures are followed according to Little League 
rules and regulations. Board members are elected by members of Snowline Little League. Because we 
are a volunteer organization, any and all volunteers involved will require background checks.

6.2 All people accepting a position as team manager will make every effort to be present at each 
and every scheduled practice and game. This includes tournament games and regular season practices 
and games. Should questionable attendance come to the Board’s attention, the person’s attendance 
record will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for possible replacement of the person not 
attending a reasonable number of games or practices. Any manager or coach found to be using 
profanity, bullying, threatening or knowingly lying to or around players, parents or league 
officials is subject to Snowline Little League Constitution section 3.4 and will have their 
membership suspended or terminated.

6.3 All team managers and coaches will be invited to a board-approved clinic and must complete all 
online and in-person safety training. Snowline encourages coaches, player agents, and team 
representatives to participate in all available training and events.

6.4 When a game is missed due to weather or other circumstances, a make-up form must be filled out 
and may be returned to any Board member within one week, but must be signed off by the President, 
Vice President or Player Agent to be considered valid. The form needs to be turned in by the 
manager of both the home and away team. Contact must be made with the other team manager within one 
week of the missed game. If no effort is made to make up the game, it will be counted as a loss for 
both teams. If effort is made to make up the game, but they are unable to reschedule, it will not 
count as a win or loss. Forfeits will be considered losses if there is no form turned in and no 
proof that any effort was made to make up the game.


7.1 At tryouts, everyone will try out by age, not division.

7.2 In addition to what is stated in the Little League International Green Book, we will have a 
farm division, ages 7-12 and age 6 with one year T-Ball.

7.3 The Player Agent(s) will conduct the draft. The draft will include each division from Juniors 
down. Participants of the draft will include the Board approved team managers, the player agents, 
the President and Vice President. Prospective coaches, family members and players are excluded from 
the draft session. The draft will be conducted according to the Board approved draft rules. Tee 
ball teams will be selected by the player agent. No manager, coach or board member will discuss the 
results of the draft in public until approved by the league President.

7.4 Prior to the scheduled draft, the manager must present in writing his/ her prospective coach’s 
name(s) with the proper Snowline Little League Volunteer and Coach Application before any 
selections are made in the draft (subject to President's approval of application). Board approved 
draft rules will be handed out the day of tryouts (available before draft date on request).


8.1 T-ball Division will follow the recommended rules in the Little League Baseball Official 
Regulations and Playing Rule Book.

8.2 The Farm Division (Minors) will consist of players 6 years to 10 years of age. The A league is 
designated as “coach pitch”, AA as “player pitch”, and AAA as the minor league. To advance beyond 
the A league players 6 years old must have played one year of T-ball and have demonstrated 
appropriate skills during tryouts. Additionally, 11 or 12-year old’s’ may play in the AAA division, 
if it is their first year in baseball or if the player agent thinks the child would have a better 
baseball experience.

8.3 The Majors Division will follow the Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing 
Rule Book, including Fall ball.

8.4 Pitching rule for sixteen and under will be pitching option #2.


9.1 All-Star Selection

A.  All-Star teams will be selected in accordance with Little League rules and regulations 
concerning eligibility and team count.

B.  The All-Star manager for each division will be the team manager with the highest winning 
percentage in their division, ratified by the Board of Directors. If the manager with the highest 
winning percentage does not want the All-Star manager position, it then becomes available to the 
subsequent manager with the next highest winning percentage, ratified by the Board of Directors. If 
we have the 11-year-old All Star Team, the manager will be selected by the Board of Directors. In 
the event of a tie, the manager of the team with the best record in head-to-head match-ups will be 
the All-Star manager. Any team/ manager unwilling to reschedule a game canceled due to weather or 
other unforeseen circumstances or does not follow Article 6.4 of these Bylaws will forfeit that 

C.  Each team manager will submit a list of eligible All-Star candidates from their team to the 
Player Agent for their division. Eligible 10-year-old players from the Major division will be 
submitted separately for Minor Division All-Star selection. A maximum of fourteen All-Star players 
will be selected for each division.

D.  The President, the applicable Player Agent and the All-Star team manager will conduct final 
All-Star selections. Discussion of final All-Star selection is prohibited from the close of 
All-Star selection until after All-Star team announcements.

E.  If there is only one team in a division, that team becomes the All-Star team for that division, 
with the understanding that a maximum of 14 players will be allowed to participate.

F.  All All-Star team selections will be presented to the President for certification of 
eligibility according to Little League rules and regulations. The announcements of the All-Star 
teams will take place during Closing Day ceremonies provided that the date is after the legal 
announcement date presented by Little League Baseball.

G.  The All-Star team manager may select up to two adult All-Star coaches. All-Star coaches may be 
coaches from their team or team managers or coaches from other teams in that division.

H.  The All-Star selection lists will be filled out in pen and will be retained for review if 
necessary for questionable activities. The League President will retain all All-Star lists for at 
least one year.

I.  All All-Star selections and Managers are subject to Board approval.

9.2 Snowline Little League will provide All-Star hats to players selected to the All-Star teams. 
Any items purchased without prior Board approval will not be reimbursed. Hats and shirts will be 
provided for the manager and up to two coaches. All-Star jerseys will be paid for by the player.

10.1  The team with the highest winning percentage, not wins and losses, will advance to the TOC 
within their division.

10.2   Any team/manager unwilling to follow Article 6.4 in these Bylaws and is unwilling to 
reschedule a game canceled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances will forfeit the game.


11.1  In the event of combined play, each league is responsible for uniform provisions and 


12.1 These bylaws may be amended, repealed, or altered in whole or in part by a majority vote at 
any duly organized meeting of the Board of Directors. Draft of all proposed amendments shall be 
to District 54 and Little League Baseball, Incorporated, for approval before implementation.

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