Board of Directors

President- Bill Dickens, 530-497-0154

Vice President-Becky Gutherz

Secretary-Jamie Leach

Alyssa Larsen-Exum

Umpire in Chief- Dan and Katie Atkin

Director of Fields- Chris Gutherz

Snack Bar Manager-Lesa French 

Safety Officer-Alison Kuntz

Communications Officer-Alyssa Larsen-Exum

Sponsor Coordinator-Becky Gutherz

Equipment Manager-Dana Mann 

Player Agent Minor/Farm -Scott Leach 

Player Agent Majors/Juniors- 

Player Agent Minors AA/AAA- 

Local Sponsors

Snowline Little League

Snowline Little League, P.O. Box 1713
Pollock Pines, California 95726

Phone: 530-497-0154

Email: [email protected]