Board Members

2019 Board Members

President Arturo Reyes
Vice President Sam Adame
Secretary Brenda Arreola
Treasurer Christine Robles
Safety Officer
T-Ball/Farm Player Rep
Minor/Major Player Rep
50/70 /JR/ Senior Player Rep Alex Eisman
Information Officer    Denise Reyes
Team Mom Rep Angela McQueen
Snack Bar Coordinator Brenda Arreola
Equipment Manager Bob Cox
Website/Social Media


Get to know us!

Many of us started out just as parents of Little League players, with no intentions of ever becoming involved. After all, volunteering is demanding and the job does not come with a paycheck.  However when we started to see the need within the league for help, one thing led to another. Managers were needed to run the teams, and those managers needed assistant coaches, scorekeepers, and team moms to make the season run efficiently. So we all started volunteering, at first within our own children's teams to make the season as successful as possible. As we stayed involved, we saw other areas of the League that would benefit from our help. We have a diverse skill set that we bring to the Board ranging from military experience, small business owners, finance, child development, management, hazmat, and public administration. All busy professionals that saw a need within our organization for improvement. 

We believe by keeping our kids active and involved in sports we are giving them so many advantages for their future.
* Not only are we getting them out of the house to run and play, as opposed to at home on their tablets or in front of the T.V. they are getting regular exercise, building stamina and endurance.
* They are becoming healthier without even realizing it! 
* Being a part of a team is teaching team effort as well as leadership skills. Being a leader is not always about who is the best but it can be about being responsible and accountable for themselves.
* By playing sports children learn time management and discipline as well.
* Working well with others is a skill young athletes learn when playing sports, and being able to work well with others will benefit them for their entire lives.
* Being involved in sports can help build stronger relationships and build self confidence; and because sports instill self confidence children are more likely to communicate better!
* Sports teach respect for authority and rules. Children learn to respect their coaches and teammates and what good sportsmanship is.  

We are parents, just like you and we all wish for the same things you want for your children - a League that runs smoothly and efficiently! We hope that together we can create a positive, safe, and fun environment for all that play within our organization. Our goal is that all children and parents have a place to call their own, really feel a part of the team, and return season after season.

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