Fundraising 2019

Moreno Valley Little League relies heavily on sponsors and fundraising to sustain our league. Every spring the board goes out and tries to get sponsors from local businesses and we try to make fundraising as easy as possible. This year we will be holding the following fundraisers:

* Kids will sell at least 1 box of World's Finest Chocolates. The cost of this is $60.00 per box
- There are 30 candy bars to be sold for $2.00 each 

* Parents will be required to buy 4 Inland Empire 66er's baseball tickets for a game that has been set aside for the  the league, this is also the day of our closing ceremonies. Each ticket is $14.00, last year was a HUGE success!

* Parents will be required to buy or sell 2, I Carwash Express tickets at $10.00 each. 1/2 of these sales will come back to  our league. This fundraiser is beneficial to our small business owners and our league. 

All of these things help in keeping our Little League running. We appreciate all of your help in this area. 

Thank you, 
Moreno Valley Board of Directors


Local Sponsors