Livingston Little League Objectives

The Livingston Little League prides itself on developing, organizing and implementing baseball and softball programs for children from ages of Pre-K to High School.  Our objectives are:

A.  All children who participate should have fun and enjoy the game.
B.  All children who participate will have the opportunity to learn the game.
C.  All children will be given the opportunity to compete.

To ensure we can meet these objectives, we want to ensure the following:

D.  All participants meet the age and residency requirements established by Little League Baseball, Incorporated (Williamsport, PA).
E.  That within their age group, they are physically able to compete and will not present a safety problem to themselves or others.
F.  Each participant registers in time to permit the Livingston Little League the opportunity to achieve proper team balance, uniforms, equipment, scheduling of fields and volunteers to permit them to play in a quality program.

No child will be prohibited from participating due to experience, ability or financial considerations.  An assistance program is available.  

Volunteer coaches, umpires and concessions workers play a critical role in making the Little League a success.  We are the only athletic organization in the town of Livingston, NJ to manage and maintain its own facilities, and we can't do it without the volunteers help!  

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