Baseball - All players receive a jersey and hat as part of their registration fee.

Softball -
All players receive a jersey, visor, belt and pant as part of their registration fee.  

Hitmen - All players receive a jersey and hat.

LadyBugs -
All players receive a sleeveless jersey and visor.

All players are expected to come to practices and games with appropriate attire that allows them to run, slide and hit.  As a result, we encourage long pants that cover their legs or knee pants with knee socks to prevent injury to skin.


To make the season as effective as possible, it is important that the players have the right gear to be able to practice their skills.  This includes having a glove, bat and helmet.  

Most importantly, this gear is imperative to ensure that all players have a safe experience.  In the early stages of baseball and softball, children need the best protective gear they can get. 

An essential part of the sport is the glove. Gloves protect the hands from high speed balls and helmets protect them from when the ball goes awry. 

When a child is new to a sport, especially at a young age, they are going to have situations happen where their protective gear is able to ensure injuries don't happen. 

If you need assistance in determining the type of gear to buy, please let us know.  

Equipment Requirements

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