2022 District Meeting

10:35 a.m. - Meeting Called to Order

Attendance Taken 13/17 leagues present


15 of 17 leagues have submitted ASAP plans

10 have been approved, 5 leagues pending registration data

2 leagues have not submitted


District Staff

Looking for staff members from local leagues - Looking for people to cover softball


Little League no longer requires inter-league forms when playing other chartered little league teams within the district - Still need to complete for playing leagues outside of district or non charted little league.


Softball needs to be offered


9-11 State Baseball Tournament - Old Town Little League


2022 District

8-10 Softball - Bronco (June 17th - July 10th) State Tournament July 16th

8-10 Baseball - Brewer (June 17th - July 19th) State Tournament July 23rd

9-11 Baseball - TBD (July 4th - July 15th) State Tournament July 20th Inv Aug

Major Baseball - Travels (June 24th - July 10th)  State Tournament July (13th - July 31st)

Jr. & Sr. Baseball - Mansfield (Bangor West) Junior Baseball 24 th-19th State Tournament Last week of July    Senior Baseball Second Weekend in July Regional tournament starts July 18th

Major Softball - Hermon  (June 17th - July 6th) State Tournament July 9th


Vote taken to move Major Softball from Travel to Host - 13-0 in favor having single host


Scheduling meeting taking place next Sunday Orrington Center Drive School


Meeting adjourned 12:10 p.m. 

2019 District Meeting
Bangor Elks Club

Meeting Called to Order: 10:05 a.m.


Introduction of League Presidents In Attendance


Treasures Report Checking 5647.18, savings 3502.26


Volunteer of the year applications - July 31st is when needed to be to Red Sox foundation. Need it to DA by July 25th. Would like every league to submit nomination.


We are down to 16 leagues Sebasticook Valley has gone back to rec league


DA Report Card - 15 leagues responded - 5 Star Rating -


East Region Advisory Committee:


Tournament Affidavit and Map will print together

Combination forms no longer have check box for regular season and tournament play

Umpires starting next year umpires will have to be a member of the umpire registry - Must be affiliated with a local league

Affidavit new check box for child protection policy

Until charted you do not have Little League insurance - can begin to charter October 1st


Sr. League East Regional:

This is a district event, open to help or feedback

Need help with sponsorship/fundraising



15 out of 16 leagues have chartered

7 Leagues have submitted registration data - Blue sombrero once person registrar's automatically sent to little league  

Beginning next year leagues due

ASAP plans 14 out of 16 leagues had approved ASAP plans on file by 6/1


Little League is starting to look at combination forms for tournament or charter


Senior League


Hermon is unable to host 9&10 baseball - Lincoln & Brewer - 8 brewer 3 Lincoln


District Tournaments for Baseball may start June 24th --


2020 District Tournament


9&10 Baseball -  Lincoln  & Glenburn  7 Lincoln 5 Glenburn - Lincoln Will Host

10&11 Baseball -  Old Town & Brewer - 6 Old Town - 5 Brewer - Old Town Will Host

11&12 Baseball - Travel

Jr League - Mansfield

Sr. League - Mansfield


9&10 Softball - Bangor West

11&12 Softball - Glenburn


New Business

9 & 10 Sunday League - Purely instructional - Normally Starts First Sunday In May -


Adjourned 12:12 p.m. 


Maine District Three

District Meeting

Bangor Elks Lodge

April 30th 2017

Leagues Not Present: Border, Caribou

Meeting Called to Order: 10:04 a.m.

 2016 Sec Report Holbrook, Orrington – U approved

Treasures Report – Orrington, Millinocket – U approved

ASAP plan – Must be complete by June 1st to be eligible to host district tournament games

Background checks Talked About - 

Interleague combination Play forms need to be to Mike by May 25th. Will not sign off on any forms after that point.  If thinking will need to combine submit a form, if do not combine can always send e-mail and can void.

Softball – Team counts are down. Orrington hosted scheduling meeting 8 leagues were present at the meeting.

Intermediate Baseball – Bronco looking to host a fall intermediate baseball program would play on weekends. Amy Dodd –

Sunday 9&10 Sunday Pilot Program – Every inning started with runners on 1st and 2nd and each batter would start with a 1-1 count. Omekia will be organizing plans on starting next Sunday.

Senior League – Working Group

2018 Tournaments

2018 District Three will host the 9&10 state baseball tournament. Will select host at June meeting.


2018 District Tournament Sites


9&10 – Glenburn


9&10 - Hermon

10&11 - Brewer

Junior Baseball – Mansfield

Senior Baseball – Mansfield

Tournament Bracket Draw meeting Sunday June 11th 6:00 p.m. Bangor Parks and Rec

Junior League Scheduling Meeting will be next weekend, Mike will send out an e-mail confirming time and location. May 7th 6 p.m.  

2016 District Meeting Minutes 

2016 Maine District Three Little League

District Meeting

Sunday April 24th 2016

Bangor Elks Lodge

Meeting called to order by Bob Stevenson 10:01 a.m.

Roll Taken:

Leagues in attendance:

Bangor East, Bangor West, Brewer, Bronco, Glenburn, Hermon, Holbrook, Houlton, Katahdin Valley, Lincoln, Millinocket, Old Town, Orono – Veazie, Orrington, Sebasticook Valley

Leagues not in attendance:

Border, Caribou

Sec Report - motion to accept Orrington, M. Brooker U-Approved

Treasurers Report - motion to accept M.Brooker 2nd Orrington U-Approved


Committee Reports:


Rule Change Report - 2018 Bat Rule Change! Major baseball bats will not be available until Sept of 2017.


2017 a child maybe rostered on two regular season rosters. Can still only be rostered on one tournament roster. Player must meet all tournament eligibility for the level being rostered. Can charge two registration fees.


Mike talked about age charge update also talked about tournament team affidavit and location plotting will be done online.  Each league must submit a new boundary submitted to Bob by May 15th.  Little League has contracted with Bullseye and all boundary maps are being update electronically.


Interleague - 8 Leagues, 20 teams, 4 Saturday's added two Saturday's of Minor league games. Must have interleague forms to Bob or Mike by May 25th


9&10 Sunday league. Orrington hosting, Brad Brasso is contact.


11&12 Softball District Tournament - Glenburn doesn't want to host, Bronco will host the tournament.


9&10 District baseball Tournament - Brewer was unable to host due to field not complete, Bronco agreed to host 2015 and Brewer will host 2016 and will relinquish the district 10&11 baseball tournament.


11&12 State Baseball Tournament - Orrington - State Tournament - Games will start on the 23rd with opening ceremonies.


9&10 district softball tournament - Problem arose at the tournament looking for advice on how to handle those types of situations. Tabled




Old Business:


2016 Tournaments:


10&11 Baseball:  Old Town


9&10 State Softball - July 5th - July 17th - Bronco looking to see if interest in hosting.


New Business:


ASAP Requirement:  Motion made by Rob Curtis: Beginning with the 2017 season all district tournament hosts must have an ASAP Safety Plan in place to host a district game. 2nd Mike Brooker - 12 approve 0 apposed 0 abstained


Teams Pulling out of tournaments last minute: Dale Duff motion to form a committee understand why, leagues are having a hard time committing. - 12 approve, 0 apposed, 0 abstained


DA Vote


Bob nominated Mike Brooker - Seconded Glenburn

Orrington nominated - Pete Huston - Would accept nomination with understanding that would need get clear understanding of conflict of interest. Legion would be considered conflict of interest per Dan V with Little League. (Possibility of waiver, however would have to go to international board for approval.) 

Vote taken and recorded on Little League paperwork. Mike Brooker elected. 


2017 - District Tournament Hosts




9&10 Baseball:  Orrington

10&11 Baseball: Bangor West

Junior League Baseball: Mansfield

Senior League Baseball: Bangor 8 Bronco 3




9&10 Softball: Orrington

11&12 Softball: Travel


Meeting Ended: 1:27

Saturday, June 13
2015 District Meeting Minutes 

April 26, 2015

District Meeting Bangor Lodge of the Elks


Leagues in Attendance: Hermon, Bangor East, Bangor West, Millinocket, Old Town, Sebasticook Valley, Bronco, Holbrook, Houlton, Orrington, Brewer, Glenburn, Orono-Veazie

Not Present: Caribou, Lincoln, Katahdin Valley, Boarder

Meeting Called to Order: 10:13 a.m. Bob Stevenson

Roll Call Taken

Sectary Report: Motion to approve Mike Brooker, 2nd Holbrook U-Approved

Treasurers Report: Motion to approve Mike Brooker, 2nd Holbrook U-Approved

Committee Reports:

April 7th League Presidents Meeting – Dale Duff – 7 leagues participating in interleague play this year 4 Saturdays in May.

Rule changes – Chris Parker –

Tournament - Mike Brooker – Little League Age Charts are updated, birth year 2006 will lose 12 year old year if it does not change.

Updated league boundary maps need to be given to Mike to double check to make sure there’s no overlaps to avoid a Jackie Robinson Little League situation.

ASAP safety plan, Must currently have approved ASAP plan to host State Tournament. Starting in 2016 leagues must have approved ASAP safety plan to host district tournament games.

Also asked that leagues do a better job of tracking games played by team and participated in by player by June 15th on affidavits.

Proof of residency if first time player must be from (date) to (date). Once approved, does not have to be collected each year as long as retained. If school enrollment form is the only proof of residency needed as long as the player is enrolled at that school.

If a player goes to school within a leagues boundary’s may play for league resides in or league of school attends (i.e. John Bapst student could play for Bangor)

9-10 Sunday League – Shawn Mott is contact person for 9&10 Sunday league. Starts next weekend please get leagues


Old Business

Host site for 2015 9&10 softball district tournament – Bangor –

New Business:

State Tournament dates given

11&12 State Baseball Tournament will be hosted by District 3 in 2016.

Tournament Draws –

Fees paid by leagues for tournament play by June 8st. Once that’s done will draw brackets June 19th at Bangor Parks and Rec.

9&10 Baseball District tournament Tryouts two weeks prior start June 29th done by the July 12th

 10&11 Baseball Start July 10th –

12&12 Baseball Start June 29th ---Leagues agreed to play Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Junior League Baseball – 8 teams participating - start July 10th

Senior League Baseball – 7 teams participating – start July 10th

Challenger division – Glenburn charters challenger division -


 2016 District Tournament Sites


9&10 –  Bronco & Houlton – Bronco 8 – Houlton 3

10&11 – Brewer & Old Town – Brewer 7 – Old Town 4

Junior – Mansfield

Senior – Mansfield


9&10 – Orrington

11&12 – Glenburn

2016 State Tournament will be hosted by Orrington

2016 State 11&12 Baseball tournament host – Bangor East, Bangor West, Houlton, Glenburn, Orrington, Bronco

Bangor East – 2, Bangor West 1, Houlton 2, Genburn 2 Orrington 3, Bronco 2

 Discussion on how we select host sites for state tournaments, no motion made to change, would like to talk about prior to next state tournament selection.

Motion to adjourn: 12:42

Sunday, May 11
2014 District Meeting Minutes 


Maine District Three Little League

District Meeting

April 27th 2014

Bangor Lodge of the Elks



Meeting Called to Order: District Administrator Bob Stevenson Called Meeting to Order at 10:08 a.m.

Leagues In Attendance:

Bangor East, Bangor West, Old Town, Orrington, Millinocket, Sebasticook Valley, Lincoln, Holbrook, Hampden, Houlton, Katadian Valley, Boarder, Hermon, Brewer

Leagues Not In Attendance:

Orono/Veazie  Caribou


Sectary Report:

Motion to Accept: Houlton 2nd: Katadian Valley - U approved


Treasures Report:

Motion to Accept: Bangor West 2nd Millinocket – U approved


Rule Changes:

Per Congress Short model chest protector is now legal for Major Baseball and Blow – Questions about obstruction / interference answered.


Question about New School Enrollment Rule

Mike Brooker: Little League Baseball school enrollment form must be filled out. Can be found by clicking on link. A player that plays regular season for one league under the rule can not play on a tournament team for another league.



League Age Rule Change

Starting in 2018 – League age will be determined by the player’s age on December 31st the prior year.


Committee Report:


Orrington 9&10 District Tournament:

Old Town Won

Cost of baseballs were a large expense 6 doz baseball X 50.00 a box.


9-10 Sunday League:

Bangor East is not hosting Sunday league this year. Orrington Little League will be hosting. If interested please contact Orrington League President. Dale Duff: Any 9-10 Sunday League would have to have the approval of Little League baseball Inc.  


Senior League World Series Mike Brooker:

Mansfield Stadium will once again be hosting the Senior League World Series beginning August 9th.


Old Business:

League Presidents Meetings:

Presidents Met once only had 4 leagues in attendance. Dale Duff is willing to coordinate meeting. Dale will determine date and time and report back. Orrington, Brewer willing to host.


9-12 Fall Ball:

Hampden hosted held games on Sunday looking to continue this year.


New Business:

Little League insurance only covers regular season / tournament games. If participating in the Bar Harbor or another tournament or league Little League insurance will not cover you and Little League patches cannot be worn.


Pool Play 11&12 Baseball:

Last year two teams pulled out late causing pools to become uneven. With league combining wouldn’t gain any additional games played. Teams dropping out last minute issue question why draw done at meeting when teams drop out very true.


Bangor East Motion to go back to double elimination tournament format for 11&12 baseball tournament 2nd Houlton

9 approve – 4 apposed -1 abstention.




Millinocket made Motion to drawn 9&10 and 11&12 baseball Tournament at the meeting rather than waiting 2ndOrrington 12 approve – 2 apposed (The motion was later withdrawn)


Bangor East motion that host site for the 9&10 baseball and softball receive a 200.00 check from the district to cover expenses 2nd Holbrook 5 approve – 6 apposed – 3 abstentions

Felt that host sites send out e-mail to teams participating with the model number of the baseball/softball that they will be using and ask team participating bring one dozen balls to be used during the tournament.  

2015 Tournament Sites:


9&10 Baseball – Brewer

10&11 Baseball – Houlton

Jr & Sr Baseball - Mansfield


9&10 Softball – TBD

11&12 Softball - Bangor

Jr Softball – TBD

Sr Softball - TBD


Hermon will host the state 11&12 softball tournament


11&12 Baseball Tournament to start June 24th. End July 10th.

Tournament 11&12 teams can be announced June 10th


9&10 Start June 26th July 15th States start July 20th  


Jr. Sr. Scheduling meeting Sunday May 11th 2:00 p.m. at Mansfield Stadium.


Mike Brooker MUST be contacted no later than June 1st with team intentions to participate in tournament play. Leagues that do not contact Mike prior will not be included in tournament brackets.


Tournament brackets will be drawn at a later date. The above motion to hold the drawing at the meeting was withdrawn Millinocket was only looking for an estimate of leagues participating.   


Meeting to Adjourn  1:01 p.m. 


Monday, April 29
2013 District Meeting Minutes 

2013 District Meeting

April 28, 2013

Bangor Lodge of the Elks


Bob Stevenson Called Meeting to Order 10:14 a.m. roll taken

Leagues In Attendance:

 Houlton, Bangor West, Bangor East, Old Town, Holbrook, Bronco L.L., Glenburn, Millinocket, Katadin Valley, Hermon, Brewer, Orrington, Lincoln, Orono/Veazie, Sebasticook Valley, Border

Leagues Not In Attendance:



Sectary Report – motion to accept: Bob Stevenson 2nd Joe Bennett U-Approved

Treasures Report – motion to accept: Mike Brooker 2nd Joe Bennett U-Approved

Rule Changes – Rob Curtis talked about rule changes and Chris Parker and Joey Ouellette post season assignments. Need to continue to have new umpires be involved with district tournaments.

Old Business - 

Dale Duff talked about Sunday night 9&10 league. Marcus Brupee is contact person. This is not a tournament team any 9&10 year old can participate. Leagues can have more than one team participate.

Lincoln to start district 9&10 softball tournament 6/20 – 6/23

Lincoln to start district 11&12 softball tournament 6/26 – 6/30

New Business –

Discussion of when 12 year olds are allowed to play up to Junior League.

Election of District Administrator: Nomination of Bob Stevenson made by Mike Brooker

2nd Ben Drew No other nominations Bob Stevenson U-Approved for 3 year term as district administrator.

Discussion of holding league presidents meetings Dale Duff will head up scheduling meetings and location. First meeting scheduled May 19th. 

Discussion of power of district administrator has over leagues combining for tournament play. District administrator is only signing off that paperwork filled out and follows Little League rules.

Alan Spear – Talked about starting 9-12 fall ball baseball league that would mirror current 9&10 Sunday League. Talk about tabling and discussion at future league presidents meeting.

2014 District Tournament Sites:


9&10 - Millinocket

10&11 – Old Town

Jr. League – Mansfield Stadium

Sr. League – Mansfield Stadium


9&10- Hampden

10&11- TBD

11&12- Houlton

Jr. League – TBD

Sr. League - TBD

Motion made by Brian Brown:

11&12 baseball tournament to be pool play using 4 pools. Pools would be created using blind draw. Top two teams from each pool would advance to a single elimination top team from each pool would play second place team from another pool. Teams would continue to travel. Little League tie breaker would apply. Motion Brian Brown 2nd Allen Spear 12 for – 0 against - 1 abstained. Motion Approved

9&10 Baseball will continue to be double elimination.

Junior League Baseball & Senior League Baseball scheduling meeting to be held May 19th

 Will continue to hold tournament manager, coach and umpires meeting date and location TBD

Drawings for district tournament 11&12 baseball pools and 9&10 baseball bracket held.  All other brackets will be drawn at a later date when participants are known.

Motion to Adjourn: Allen Spear 2nd Darin Abbott U-Approved

Tuesday, May 1
2012 District Meeting Minutes 

2012 Maine District Three Little League

District Meeting

April 29, 2012

Houlton Lodge of the Elks Lodge


Leagues in Attendance: Houlton, Bangor West, Bangor East, Old Town, Holbrook, Hampden, Glenburn, Millinocket, Katadin Valley, Hermon, Brewer, Carmel, Orrington, Lincoln, Orono/Veazie

Not Present: Sebasticook Valley, Border, Caribou, Levant  

Meeting Called to Order: Bob Stevenson 10:09 a.m.


Sectary Report: U-Approved

Treasure Report: (See Attached Report) U-Approved

 Umpire/Rule Changes: Chris Parker (See Attached PowerPoint for Rule Changes) Chris Parker Traveling to Poland for the EMEA 11&12 Regional – Troy Richardson Big League Baseball East Regional – Rob Curtis 11&12 East Region Baseball Tournament.

ADA Baseball Mike Brooker: ASAP submitted and approved gets a 25% also if submitting a new ASAP submitted get $25.00 credit. Volunteer Application need to be filled out and on file with leagues to be covered under Little League insurance.

New Business:

Talk of Proof of Residency Requirements from page 16 of the Little League rule book.

District Champions invited to Senior League World Series.

Tournament Start Dates:

District 11&12 tournament June 27th, Junior League baseball district tournament July 5th – 18th, District Senior baseball tournament the first week of August, 9&10 District baseball Tournament June 30th , 11&12. District Softball Tournament June 23rd, Junior & Senior Baseball State Tournament July 21st -- 26th


Mike Brooker made the motion to start the District Senior League Baseball tournament the first week of August. 2nd by Aaron Hawes - U-Approved

Talk about combining teams for Junior and Senior baseball.

2012 District Tournament Hosts:


9&10 – Glenburn Little League

11&12 -- Hermon Little League

Millinocket Little League is organizing a trip to Williamsport PA. for the Little League World Series. For more information contact Brian at Millinocket Little League.

Bangor East is again scheduling 9-10 Sunday league.

2013 District Tournament Sites:


9&10: Millinocket & Orrington would like to host 10-3 in favor of Orrington hosting

10&11: Old Town and Glenburn would like to host 11-2 in favor of Glenburn hosting

Junior: Mansfield

Senior:  Mansfield


9&10: Lincoln

11&12: Lincoln

Junior: TBD

Senior: TBD

Drawing held for 9&10 and 11&12 baseball tournament brackets. Junior & Senior baseball tournament brackets at a later date.

Tournament paperwork due June 21st. Will schedule Tournament meeting.

Motion to Adjourn Doug Farnham 2nd Chris Parker U-Approved 1:25 p.m.

Saturday, March 31
2011 District Meeting Minutes 

2011 District League Presidents Meeting


Leagues Present

Bangor East, Bangor West, Lincoln, Millinocket, Lincoln, Brewer, Hampden, Houlton, Old Town, Glenburn, Holbrook, Hermon, Orrington, Orono/Veize, Levant,  

Leagues Not Present

Katahdin Valley, Caribou, Border,

Meeting Called to Order: 10:10 a.m.

Sec Report, motion CP Second JB U-Approved

Treasures Report (See Attached Report) Motion to approve CP Second BD U-Approved

Rule Changes Presented by CP – Troy Richardson – Regional Tournament Chris Parker, Troy Lare  Asia Pac Tournament in Guam, Reviewed PowerPoint for rule changes.

Mike Brooker: Talked about requirements for city or state birth certificates. Date of dated Feb 1st 2010 to Feb 1st 2011 for any dated residency documents. If the player moved in to league after Feb 1st residency waver is required for that player. If a player missed regular season game due to playing on school team, must fill out supplemental tournament affidavit sheet must have school team schedule school team roster included to show conflict with Little League game. Each Affidavit must include: the league boundary map, roster, pitching records, proof of residency,

District Three is scheduled to host the 2011 state 9&10 softball tournament: Glenburn agreed to host.

2011 District Tournament Sites:


9&10: Bangor West

10&11: Old Town

Jr & Sr: Mansfield Stadium



9&10: Hermon

11&12: Hermon

10&11, Jr, Sr: No Teams

2012 District Tournament Sites


9&10: Hampden & Millinocket would like to host vote taken 11-4 in favor of Hampden (Hampden will host)

10&11: Carmel & Millinocket 12-3 in favor of Carmel (Carmel will host)

11&12: Travel

Junior: Mansfield Stadium

Senior: Mansfield Stadium


9&10: Glenburn

10&11: TBD

11&12: TBD

Junior: TBD

Senior: TBD

Drawing held for district tournament brackets.

New Business:

11 & 12 host site chart talked about by Dr. Wood see link for chart

Talked about why 11&12 baseball travels and not hosted by individual site. Mike Brooker commented that due to size of tournament and gives every team the possibility to host. Also that district had 23 teams prior to the creation of district 1, District is now back to 19 teams again.  Talk about going to a section tournament prior to district for 11&12 baseball tournament.

Talk about umpire account for travel expenses, umpire expenses are for the most part covered by regional tournament sites.

Motion made by Dale Duff about setting up fund for gas expenses for umpire travel league district tournament fee would increase to 50.00 beginning in 2012, with $5.00 being set aside for umpire travel expense fund. 2nd by Brian Brown, U-Approved.


Ben Drew made motion to have additional of what leagues have hosted award district and state previously prior to league presidents voting for future district tournaments sites.

Affidavits must be approved by Bob not later then June 23rd

June 23rd will be a tournament managers coaches and league officials to cover tournament rules.

Dale Duff hosting 9&10 Su nday league, 11 teams in league.

Dale Duff Senior League World Series August 13th – 20th. Opening ceremonies will be August 13th, District champions are again reminded that they will be part of opening ceremonies.

Glenburn is hosting Challenger division, they cover the entire district and are open to any age player. For more questions 

Old Business

2012 district league presidents meeting will be held in Houlton, will be held April 29th or May 6th.

2011 State Tournament Sites:

9&10 Baseball July 16th Hosted by District 5

10&11 Baseball July 22nd Hosted by District 2 Lincolnville

11&12 Baseball July 23rd Portland Bayside

Junior Baseball Mansfield Stadium (District 3)

Senior Baseball Mansfield Stadium (District 3)

9&10 Softball District 3

11&12 Softball July 9th Westbrook

Motion to to Adjourn 1:15 made by Doug Farnham 2nd Dale Duff U-Approved

Monday, May 9
2010 Meeting Minutes 

2010 League Presidents Meeting

Leagues Present:

Hampden, Bangor West, Bangor East, Glenburn, Old Town, Lincoln, Holbrook, Katahdin, Hermon, Orrington, Orono, Carmel, Sebasticook, Houlton

Not Present:

Millinocket, Brewer, Border, Caribou, Levant

Meeting called to order 10:05

Introductions of District staff

Sectary report: motion to approve Mike Brooker Sec Robert St. Louis U-Approved

Treasures Report (See Attached Report): Motion to approve Chris Parker, sec Mike Brooker U-Approved

Dale Duff Bangor East Pres. Talked about 9&10 Sunday league, begins in May runs about 5 weeks. For information contact Dale Duff ASAP.

SLWS fund raiser $20.00 a ticket winner gets 5K SLWS gets 5K. Dale Duff coordinator of SLWS opening ceremonies would once again like to have all district champions attend opening ceremonies, Dale will be in contact w/presidents

Chris Parker talked about rule changes. Talked about playing down, a league age 10 player cannot participate on 11&12 tournament team. 16 umpires worked 62 games 144 game assignments. Umpires are needed. Umpires/Managers/League Officials clinic will be held 4/30/10 6p.m. to 9p.m.

Old Business:

 Each league needs to pay $45.00 per tournament team to the district.

New Business:

Ben Drew – Talked about 9&10 use of district tournament hosts with only one field hosting tournaments going forward now that there will be an invitational tournament. Concerns that if a league only has one field , they may not be able to complete the tournament in time for the state tournament.  Invitational tournament team must be in RI by 7-30.

Election of District administer

Motion to nominate Bob for another 3yrs - Mike Brooker second Ben Drew U-Approved   

Motion made that if more two or more leagues would like to host a district tournament the host site will be determined by a vote of league presidents. Motion Tim McLuskey Seconded by Ryan Ward.  approved 11-2

Talk about the ASAP safety meeting. Mike Brooker talked about needed for volunteer apps needed to be filled out and background checks using Lexis Nexis. Paid umpires, concession stand workers even is supplied by another league or vendor liability to leagues. League Presidents are responsible for all practices.  

2010 District sites:

Junior League Baseball tournament, Hampden would like to have another league host the Jr. baseball district tournament because they are hosting the 11&12 state tournament. Mansfield Stadium will host the district tournament.

10&11 Baseball: Bangor West

10&11, Jr. Sr. Softball: No tournament sites

  11&12 baseball & 9&10 baseball district tournaments to start July 26th. Talk about start dates for other tournaments start dates. State 11&12 baseball tournament will be double elimination tournament starting July 23rd.  

2011 district sites.

Houlton wanted to host Jr. Baseball, Mansfield Stadium also wanted to host vote taken 11-3 Mansfield will host.


9&10: Bangor West

10&11: TBD

Jr.: Mansfield Stadium

Sr: Mansfield Stadium


9&10: TBD

10&11: TBD

11&12 Hermon

Jr.: TBD

Sr.: TBD

Drawings held for district tournaments

Junior & Senior league baseball not sure of teams participating will hold drawing May 16that scheduling meeting 4:30 p.m. Mansfield Stadium.

Tournaments affidavits must be approved by Bob no later than June 24th.

Motion to Adjourn – Ira Doughty Chris Parker

1:02 p.m.

2009 Meeting Minutes 

2009 Maine District Three Little League Presidents Meeting 

April 26, 2009

Meeting Called to Order: 10:09

Leagues Present:

 Lincoln, Bangor West, Bangor East, Glenburn, Sebasticook Valley, Hampden, Hermon, Houlton, Holbrook, Brewer, Old Town, Katahdin, Orrington, Levant, Orono, Carmel

 Not Present:

Millinocket, Border, Caribou

Bob Stevenson, Introduced league presidents,

Secretary Report, Motion to accept: Chris Parker, second: Ben Drew, unanimously approved.

Treasures Report, Motion to accept Mike Brooker second: Doug Farnham unanimously approved

Chris Parker U-I-C: Stated needed new umpires to help cover district games with expansion to 19 teams. 5 regional & 2 world series assignments given to district umpires. Rule changes: Major baseball bats required to be silk screened BPF on bats. Jr. baseball bats diameter same as Sr.. Baseball pitcher who throws 41 or more pitchers in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of day. Players & coaches with casts are not allowed to be outside of the dugout. Tournament Rules: Participation in multi leagues is allowed, Softball: 12 inch softball must be used at all level, Max # innings 9 innings a day, 7 innings 10-11 9&10 Baseball: Sr. Max 16 players 2 coaches and a manager, if less than 13 players 1 coach and 1 manager book keepers outside of the dugout can’t act as coach, Dates for charters rosters league fees, Mike Brooker stated that the ½ of games by June 15th has in the past been a guideline and that this year looks to be more of a rule will follow up with East Region. All bases must be breakaway, vest uniforms if undershirt extends below the elbow can’t be white or grey, hockey style masks must have throat guards attached to masks.

Senior League World Series will be holding a pancake breakfast, May 17th at Applebee’s 8-11 a.m.


Old Business:

Bob talked about umpire expenses, Bob stated that he helped one of the umpires going to a world series has asked for funds looking for approval to do so, Chris stated that the district in the past has paid for cost of attending the east region clinic in February for any umpires willing to go and attend cost of the clinic is 50.00, Dale Duff stated that he would like to see district funds put aside for umpire to use, Dewey Martin stated would like to see a way for umpires to confidential way for umpires, Mike Brooker made a motion to allow Bob to allow disperse funds as needed to cover umpire expenses when asked, Dewey Martin second, unanimously approved.

New Business:

Motion to hold district meeting be held in the northern part of the district in 2012, Seconded Dale Duff. 9 for – apposed 5- abstained 2. Den Drew will be the point of contact for a facility.

Bob wanted to know when the presidents when they would like to have the meeting, presidents wanted to Keep it the way it is, DA will schedule at his convince.

Background checks must be done on any person that has contact with players.

League must pay a 35.00 fee per tournament team payable to the district part of it goes to the travel fund for teams traveling to regional or World Series.

Talk about what ball should be used for minor league softball.

District 3 will host 9&10 and 11&12 baseball state tournaments in 2010:

11&12: baseball: Hampden will host

 Motion made by Mike Brooker Second Ben Drew unanimously approved.

Previous district 3 hosts: 1989: Old Town, 1994: Bangor West, 1999: Millinocket, 2004: Bangor East

9&10:   Bangor West , Hermon, Old Town, Houlton, Millinocket would like to host,

Two leagues have not hosted previously are Glenburn and Hermon.

Ballet vote was taken of league presidents Hermon will host (9-7 vote)

2009 State Tournament Hosts:

9&10 state: District 1: Ellsworth

10&11: Dist 6:

11&12: District 2: Thomaston

Jr. Sr. District 3: Mansfield Stadium



9&10 District 1: Ellsworth

10&11 TBA

11&12 District 5:

Jr. Sr.: District 4:

Still need a host site for the 2009 district 10&11 baseball district tournament, Bangor East offered to host and was approved.

June 29th is the first date that district tournaments may start. 11&12 baseball state tournament


2010 District sites:


9&10: Houlton

10&11: TBD

Jr: Hampden

Sr: Mansfield Stadium


9&10: Hermon

10&11: TBD

11&12: Bangor



Drawing for the tournament brackets

Bangor East will be hosting a 9&10 Sunday league. See Dale Duff.

Bob needs affidavits no later than June 25th. Must have city or state birth certificate not hospital certificates.

Meeting Adjourned 12:32 p.m.

Monday, May 9
2008 Meeting Minutes 
2008 District Meeting 

2008 District Three League Presidents Meeting

 10:02 – Meeting called to order 

Moment of silence held for Danny Clifford. 

Secretary report given, motion to approve Mike Brooker seconded David Pooler uni approved 

Treasures report given, motion to approve David Pooler seconded Mike Brooker Uni approved 

Committee Reports: 

Chris Parker U-I-C rule changes: 2009 L.L. major minor baseball bats must have BPF on them. Breakaway bases must be used on all fields beginning with the 2008 season. Mike Brooker stated that the bases are on back order and he has been told he will not get them until mid June. Mike also stated that Little League is going to be increasing roster size for senior league beginning this year.Umpires are always needed for tournament play. Any umpire that does umpires a game MUST have volunteer form and background check on file. 

Mike Brooker Senior League World Series: World Series meeting to take place May 4th with Little League Int. reps. Thanked Brewer parents and volunteers for their efforts last year, hoped they would return to volunteer again this year no matter who represents the district. Volunteers needed, fund raising always a concern anyone who would like to help should contact Mike. 

Bob reviewed tournament requirements: June 15th is the first date that tournament teams can be announced or tryouts for tournament teams can take place. Bob must sign affidavits.  Proof of age required (see page 15 of rule book), residence map and birth certificate (state issued not hospital) are needed for Bob to be able to sign off. After tournament game host must call Bob with score and fill out form for BDN. 35.00 per team registration fee. 

New Business: 

Dale Duff said that Bangor East will once again be holding Sunday 9 and 10 league again. If league is interested in joining they should contact Dale. 

Softball will once again doing interleague. Teams are needed for upper levels of play. District is trying to start big league softball.

State Tournaments: 

District 3 will be hosting the following state tournaments: 

Sr. Baseball: Mansfield Stadium

11 & 12 Softball: Glenburn 

other state tournament districts 


9&10 – district 2

Jr. – district 1

Sr. – district 4 


9&10 – district 5

10&11 – district 5

11&12 – district 4

Jr. – district 6 

Talk about whether or not district was able to hold bracket draw took place. Due to the number of leagues not present at meeting it was felt that district should give leagues not present one week to state what tournament teams they would have before draw was done. Draw will take place the following weekend.Next year if league is unable to attend they must contact district administrator prior to meeting or league will not participate in tournament play.

 2009 district tournament hosts: 


9&10: Holbrook / 2010 Houlton

10&11: TBD

Jr: Mansfield

Sr: Mansfield 


9&10: Bangor

11&12: Houlton

Jr: Hermon 

12:03 meeting adjourned

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