PNLL Process for Selecting the All Star Teams

 The year end All Star tournament is an important component of Little League Baseball.

PNLL fields three All Star teams; the Majors team which consists of 11 and 12 year olds, a 10/11 year old team, and a 9/10 year old team. 

All ages listed are league age.

In order to be eligible for All Stars, players must have played in the Majors or Minor A divisions and must have participated in a minimum of 60% of their team’s Little League games, with the only exception due to an injury with a valid doctor’s note. The player must also be able to provide three proofs of residency within PNLL boundaries (or must have received a waiver) and must provide an original copy of their birth certificate (copies are not allowed). Players must be available between approximately June 1st and July 31st for practices and games. The first tournaments will begin in late June, and if the team continues to win, they could play all the way through July.

Players will be asked to complete a self-nomination form if they would like to make themselves eligible for All Stars. Those forms must be filled out and signed by both the player and a parent/guardian and placed in the All Star box at the Snack Shack by the specified deadline (May 5th). Late entries cannot be accepted.

PNLL has elected to carry thirteen players on the roster, one Manager, and two Coaches. Those interested in managing one of the teams are required to notify the Board in writing via email by the specified deadline. They must also notify the Board if they are willing to manage the team regardless if their child makes the team or not. The Board will interview each interested person and the three Managers (one for each team) will be appointed by Board vote. Those interested in assisting the Manager as a Coach are also encouraged (but not required) to notify the Board in writing by the specified deadline. All coaches are appointed by the Manager with approval of the President. Please note that all managers and coaches are required to have been a rostered coach during the little league season or they are not eligible to be a coach on the All Start team.

The players will be asked to vote for the top six players from their division. The top three with the most votes from each division will be the first three players to make the Majors team and the first three players to make the 9/10 year old team. The players do this through a written voting process to be completed at a time prior to one of their games.

The Major Managers will then select nine additional 11/12 year old players to join the three already voted onto the Majors team. The appointed All Star Manager will then have one wild card pick; allowing them to pick whomever they choose of the players left on the ballot, with approval of the President based on their assessment of the team’s needs. The Major and Minor A Managers will also select the nine additional players to join the three already voted onto the 9/10 team. Finally, the Majors and Minor A Managers will vote to select the entire 10/11 team. For both the 9/10 and 10/11 teams the thirteenth spot remains open to the All Star Manager to fill with his/her wild card pick. The Wild Card pick may not be a child of the All Star Manager.

Click below for All Star Nomination Form:

PNLL All Stars Self Nomination Form 2018.docx

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