Umpire in Chief (UIC) -  Brian Scher
Asst Umpire in Chief - Shannon LaCom 

The Poway National Little League (PNLL) Youth and Adult Volunteer Umpire Program provides leadership development opportunities for all ages. The Youth Program is for children league age 11 to 17, and places children in leadership positions on the field while allowing them to earn some spending cash. The Adult Volunteer Program is for adults 18 and over. This program is 100% volunteer and provides mentorship opportunities to Youth Umpires while giving adults a means to volunteer time with the league and within the community. Your feedback about the Poway National Youth & Adult Umpire Program is always welcome. If you have a question about a rule, want to provide positive feedback on an umpire, have a recommendation for improvement, or you are interested in becoming an umpire (no experience required), please contact us. You can click on our names above to email us individually, or send feedback to [email protected].

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