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Grand Chute Baseball

Grand Chute Baseball League T-Ball Rules

Our main objective as coaches is to help develop the children’s athletic skills, encourage
sportsmanship, as well as to teach the game of baseball. But most importantly, is for the children to
have fun and enjoy playing the game.

At the T-Ball level all players get equal playing time regardless of the score. Learning to be
competitive and developing an understanding of winning and losing is very important, but teaching the
fundamentals is our goal.

Basic things to teach:
• Running the bases correctly.
• Running through first on an infield hit.
• Proper defensive stance.
• Proper batting stance.
• Proper throwing motion.
• Game situations (what base to throw to, etc.)
• Rules of the game.

When a situation occurs on the field, please take the time to explain to the players what occurred. This
will help them to develop a greater understanding of the game.

1. Games will consist of 6 innings or 1 hour, which ever occurs first. (Remember if you start an
inning and time expires, you still finish the inning).

2. Six runs will be allowed per inning or three outs.

3. The infield will consist of six players including the catcher. The outfield will have the maximum
of five players.

4. No player will sit out defensively more than one inning.

5. First and third base coaches will also act as umpires for those bases.

6. Maximum of two coaches will be allowed in the outfield, and one of them will act as second
base umpire.

7. Have an adult behind the catcher to help with missed balls; this will help in keeping the game
moving along. (Remember the more playing time the kids get the more fun they will have).

8. Remove the Tee after the ball has been hit so the catcher can move up to play his position.

9. One base will be allowed on an over throw to first base.

10. Protective head gear shall be worn by batters when on deck, while running the bases or while
playing catcher.

11. No head first sliding.

12. No player shall play the same position more than two innings per game.

13. When the ball is hit the runners may advance. No stealing is allowed.

14. Any pop fly/line drive caught is dead ball situation. Players allowed to go back to base.

15. Last team named on the schedule is home team, has third base dugout and will provide one
new and one good used game ball.

16. All teams are responsible for the garbage in their dug out and around bleachers.